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The game is quite decent though it is in a series we can say is rather outdated. The game play here is perfect; there is the new 360 –degree dribbling abilities which were exclusively for the consoles. However the new Be A Goalie mode suffers because it does not play well on the PSP since there are limitations in the hardware.

Immediately you start up your PSP, you will notice that there is little change from the previous version, the Menu designs are the same as the last version. The action on the pitch is delivered in the same way as it was on the previous match, the soccer IQ which is set of questions on the knowledge about the sport, the Challenges Mode which is a list of the games outcome that you must equalize, these have been there in all the previous versions but in this one they are merely twisted.

The 360-degree dribbling allows the players to have some freedom within the limited space. The players are able to dribble in any direction unlike it was previously only on eight directions. This mode gives the star players the ability to pull of some calculated moves without having to hold on the trigger to activate skill moves and actual tricks. When sprinting, the effect is lessened. However, this feel rigid but you can keep the ball close to your players. You will clearly see the difference.

The only new Mode in this game Be A Goalie but unfortunately it does not execute well. When you compare it to the version on the consoles, it still presents dully. When you play the net minder on the PSP you will be stuck so many times as you look for action from behind your goal, throughout the entire game. This is quite disappointing. When playing on the consoles, you will press the select button to distort the field, so that you will plenty of control over the game, you will be disappointed because the PSP’s hardware do not allow that. Instead you will be stuck waiting for the action so that you threaten the goal you are defending. This is not a very exciting thing with the FIFA game.

The standard Be A Pro career mode is as perfect as it is on the previous versions. Here you are allowed to create a star and take him through his career. The core design of this mode has not changed from the previous version at all. The on-field indicators are there to let you the players you should be defending, the ball still has the insubstantial glow as it moves round the field and this makes it easy for you to keep track of it.

The game has not changed graphically from the previous version. The player details are solid during close-ups but they do not show the visual differences that are displayed on the console version.

All in all FIFA 11 is a decent game but would be obviously better if the PSP can be more elaborate to give the new mode flawless performance.