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In this game you are a team, unlike in the previous versions. Here Lara will be moving swiftly and deftly across the ancient temples. These are updated version of the original Anniversary. Lara will be grabbing edges with her fingertips and you will need to tap a button to help her poise; such new things in this version make the game much easier than in the original version.

The game is made of solid actions like pulling this and that and jumping here and there. There are a number of levels in the game which include jungle, water, and snow among others. The puzzles are quite challenging and you will be required to do things accurately. You will like the PSP's version that has been transferred to UMD and is quiet clear. The version does not have drawbacks on the flip.

The game as well has drawbacks, the port side; the camera is a big problem, when you try to twist the camera to the right or left on the PSP you will see the buttons falling on corresponding shoulder buttons and they are quite slow. To solve this you can put the camera at the center with a triangle though expect this to be a harsh action and the viewpoint can get clammy. Battling with the enemy is not fun with the just like in the console version. In the game you will have to encounter wolves, raptors and mummies as you go through the new areas. The animal kingdom of the game is quite easy, when the bear comes to you, you should climb the stairs and the bears cannot climb the stairs. Here you will shoot Smokey to death and repeat the shooting at any other beast that comes towards you.

The other ordinary battles have their lighter side. When an enemy attacks Lara, you can press a button prompt on- screen and Lara jumps to the other side and a Matrix-style will begin. Then a red target will appear on the baddie and Lara can shoot causing grave damage. This is fun because you can shoot at the amazed enemies below you, as long as you are able to get the camera facing the side the enemies are located.

Anniversary on PSP looks sharper and lighter than it does on the PS2 version. However you will find the earth-tone temple visuals to be dull and they will at times bleed when you get when you roll the camera to whatever direction. Lara Croft Tomb Raider is a good game despite the drawbacks; the game play is thrilling and challenging. The game looks nice on the PSP's wide-screen with the costume changes, Croft Manor exploits and relics that were seen on the PS2. This is a solid adventure game that you will like and it follows various traits laid out in many Tomb Raider games.