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The new Fallout shows a little bit of reality. The game carefully depicts the real and authentic Las Vegas - full of unfaithfulness and desperation in the background; and the people has this insatiable thirst for the limelight every which way they turn. This is not what you would expect in a nuclear savage place, yet the people still finds the opportunity to express their emotions of cruelty and selfishness. The New Vegas offers the four biggest casinos in the world which have survived the onslaught of war and human rage and now definitely giving a little ray of hope to the people in the most awkward way – yes, you guessed right: through gambling.

The casinos offer different stuffs, from comic bars, casino games - including sex casino. There are plenty of games to play such as the Lucky 38 and The Tops. Just be careful not to consistently win every time or they will throw you out for possible cheating. This is not the main point here, however. The fun part is you could start looking for different missions inside the casino that you need to acquire and from there you experience the change of the new Fallout - eventually.

The changes are truly awesome. It is like you are instantly brought to the next level. The past scuffle and combat of the series such as picking an object then you swing were pretty basic, and you can only hope that you get lucky enough to hit your target. This time, the melee attacks have already been upgraded and get special attack skills in the process. You can select the “FORE” option in the combat system to add some juice into your attacks. The move can knock the enemies down and you get the urge to be even more creative, making your moves with attacks to the kidney and other parts of the body, which can be very fatal.

There are also new weapons that come with this special attack; one of the spear. It is a perfectly made long ranged weapon that you can toss down towards your enemies. You must have enough strength to throw the weapon as this has the power to eventually destroy your enemies. Another additional weapon is the incendiary grenade that deceptively looks like the ordinary grenade, but it actually has a specially enhanced feature of setting your enemies on fire. The grenade can also be used to totally knock down and annihilate your enemies. You do need to practice killing your enemies with these new pair of deadly combos. The action-packed game never was this hot, before the introduction of the new melee combat.

The creators of the game, Obsidian have made it a point to use third person view to bring in more wild and crazy events in the game, which apparently could only materialize using the third person view. It is a tactical advantage for them as they do not want to expose their flaws, which include poor animations down the legs of the characters. Overall a bloody good game.