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Michael Jordan and all his Bulls minions are back on the virtual court on this version of NBA game with more twists and more improvements. You will now be able to play against an AI which is extremely intelligent punishing you in working your way out for a basket or squeezing your way in a tight defense. If you look at the details, its almost like the real thing – from the players, audiences, or even the settings.

As you start with the game, you will be introduced to the famous #23 jersey holder of Chicago Bulls as he makes his mark on history on the 1991 NBA Finals. This will also give you the opportunity to reminisce all of Jordans’ games and all the teams’ challengers. This is called the Jordan Challenge Mode where it pretty much gives you a feel of the superstar athlete himself.

This new version features a defense format that has been drastically distorted from its predecessors. One of which is the tight defense of the center Dikembe Mutombo where he specializes in blocking pointers. And when Dikembe says he’ll block your shot he really means it. This just shows how hard and challenging this version is so don’t expect luck or any getting-used-to tricks will make it easy to make a basket. In order to score, you will need to device a play and make the right choices.

Although this version of the game proves to be a pain in the ass because of the AI’s defense, there are still counter measures on how you can evade these tight defenses. These are installed in the game through the new control schemes which enables you to perform difficult shots, dribbles, plays and other techniques that will give you a boost from your opponents’ tight defense.

NBA 2K11 has been a great improvement over its previous editions. If you want to see the future of gaming then you need to have a copy of this.