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November 14, 2006

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Genji: Days of the Blade is a Dynasty Warriors-style action game set in feudal Japan. The storyline once again follows lead protagonist Genkuro Yoshitsune as he battles the rival Heishi clan using swordplay and team-oriented combination moves. Unlike the original game, players can now freely switch between four characters, to use each combatant's distinct skills and abilities against enemy troops and boss characters. The technology behind PlayStation 3 allows for detailed battlefields, naval warfare, and horseback riding, as hundreds of warriors engage each other in hack-and-slash combat. Revered swordsman Mitsuhiko Seike helped choreograph the fighting sequences and provided the motion-captured maneuvers in the game.

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This game is a sequel to a game on the PS2, Genji: Dawn of the Samurai, and it continues where the story of that first game left off. The hero of the tale is Yoshitsune, a young swordsman who must defend the Genji clan against all enemies. The primary enemy that must be fought is the Heishi, the enemy clan from the previous game, who have transformed into demonic fighters with pink crystals jutting out of their bodies. Your character will team up with three others who will adventure with you through the game.

The game is played much like other hack-and-slash style of games, with the face buttons performing attacks and allowing you to jump. The right-side shoulder buttons can be held down in combat to allow your character to lock on and dodge. The right analog is the one difference from other styles of games, in that it allows you to perform rolls, dodges, and flips to evade attacks and attackers. Pushing the D-pad in any direction will switch in and out players. You are only allowed to have one of your four characters fighting at any given time, but you can freely switch between them for the character that is right for any given situation.

ItÂ’s actually the case that you will find yourself switching between characters a bunch, too. ThatÂ’s because each individual character has their own life bar, and if the character that you are using runs out of life, your adventure is over. So, you will switch your characters up to keep them alive and utilize the best one in any given situation.

The characters in this game receive upgrades as they go on, too, to both their weapons and their skills. Acquiring a new weapon for any character as you go through the game opens up entirely new combat skills, and will show your character performing new attacks when theyÂ’re equipped. This is not something youÂ’ll find yourself doing a bunch, however, as new weapons donÂ’t increase your damage or need to be used to fight against certain types of enemies. ItÂ’s an intriguing new system that is not used to its best advantage in this game.

One thing that is shown to best advantage is the graphics. The character models, enemy models, and world are all breathtaking, and some of the graphical features in the levels will have you slack-jawed. Regardless, there are only a few different enemy character models to fight, and the levels have a traditional level layout and feel, even if they do look nice.

If youÂ’re looking for the very prettiest hack-and-slash adventure game out there, then youÂ’ve found it with Genji: Days of the Blade. Just donÂ’t expect a whole lot of game mechanics to back that up.

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November 14, 2006

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