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August 30, 2010

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Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island is an adventure-puzzle game for home computers, starring three disembodied buccaneers. The spirits of the daring pirate, Jane Starling, Blue Belly, the ship's cook, and an eccentric vooju priest, called Papa Doc, have been separated from their corporal forms by a nasty curse, and the three must figure out how to return to their bodies. As ghosts, the characters have only limited influence over objects in the physical world, calling for clever cause-and-effect puzzle solving. Ghost Pirates is played in a traditional point-and-click adventure style, with 3D animated characters in colorful, stylized scenes.

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Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island is a third person fantasy game that is user or gamer friendly. The controls are uncomplicated, simply point and then click the mouse and the action begins. There is a lot of fun in the puzzles set in a fantasy pirate backdrop which is reminiscent of Pirates of the Caribbean.

For fantasy aficionados, Ghost Pirates presents a wonderful setting of bandits of the seas who can mercilessly steal and kill as the mood suits them. The game is set in Vooju Island, in the middle of the Azurbbean Sea where the hero Captain Flint, a.k.a. 'king' of the pirates is everybody's best friend. It is this friendliness which sets him under the glare of Queen Zimbi, the conniving witchy wife of the head priest, Papa Doc. She teams up with another pirate, albeit a low ranked captain, by the name of Green Beard. Their aim: to capture Flint and turn his loyal crew into zombies, in the process, set free some of the evil baddies. When the plot is uncovered by Papa Doc, he and his aptly named chef, Blue Belly, a really rotund chef, and well endowed spy, Jane Starling, set off to block the evil plans. Unfortunately, all three? They're dead. D.E.D, dead. Hence the title, Ghosts.

It is fortunate that Papa Doc took some precautions before they 'died.' He cast a spell that would keep his team’s spirits mobile while their bodies were static. Although they can get back their lives, they had to complete some tasks and that is just the beginning of the adventure in epic proportions. By the time the game is near its end, the trio would have traveled all through the Azurbbean to the temples of Azticla and into the pits of the underworld. Each land visited is inhabited by really strange and sometimes, sleazy, characters. In fact, every turn made in the game is strange; appealing this is true, but strange all the same. This is no way lowers the quality of Ghosts, in fact, I would say that it adds to the appeal.

The only downside is, I am really not sure how I would describe the characters themselves. Take it this way, the backdrop is simply spectacular. The effort made to create a hand-painted look to the scenery is amazing. Thing is, the characters are not as pretty as the backdrop, for lack of a word to use. Then there is the issue with the character's characters. I am not really sure how a player should react to the weirdness of it all.

The music is so-so; it could do with a bit of improvement but I would dismiss that to personal preferences. The control is easy, simply point and click and the adventure is challenging enough. In short, Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island may not be the epic game that many crave for, but it is fun and challenging enough to occupy the time leisurely and effortlessly. At the end of the day, all I can say is, I really had fun.

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August 30, 2010

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