God of War 3 PS3 User Review

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Fans and gamers who are very much into mythology will find God of War as interesting as the famous mythologies in the world. Now with the last installment in the saga which is made exclusive for the PlayStation 3 game console, this action-packed single-player game will surely put players and fans alike at the edge of their seats.

God of War III is still true to its series roots, exemplifying the four different pillars of gameplay, namely: brutal combats, complex puzzles, continuous exploration of awe-inspiring worlds and a compelling story. Whether you’re already a long-time fan of the game or if you’ve just started in your God of War adventure, this installment will surely not disappoint you.

The main point in the God of War III is that it is the epic conclusion to the Greek mythological trio. This installment completes the story of Kratos, which was the original title for the PlayStation 2 version. Players are able to use new deadly weapons that aid them in their adventure throughout the game. Weapons like the Cestus, some powerful metal gauntlets that have great strength, and other instruments that prove to be brutal, pave the way for new techniques. Another interesting thing in God of War III is that you can also manipulate the menacing creatures of Greek mythology against their will, to help you cross openings, inflict a blind rage amongst your enemies, help you reveal puzzles and secrets, and actually become tools of complete annihilation. God of War III also possesses interesting features that make fans and gamers crave for more.

God of War III opens from where God of War II ended with Kratos taking his quest for vengeance to the very stronghold of Zeus. Kratos’ journey in God of War III is by far the most far-flung and epic to date. With just a few hours of playing the game, you can already feel the rush; Titans and interesting bosses are on your nerves. The feeling of a grand finale is even fortified with the return of recurring characters that are sure to delight gamers.

The game starts with a bang with previous scenes being replayed as a ‘refresher’ to the players. The refresher is really knotted well, filled with interesting scenes of sexual deviancy that actually pays up to becoming a good melodrama. Players who are still newbies to the game might as well grab the re-mastered God of War and God of War II after seeing the scenes from the refreshers. It has certainly drawn more fans to this exciting game.

The presentation of God of War III has been polished in most of its aspects. The graphics are even more superior to its predecessor, with scenes of gorgeous combat and cinematic camera tricks that are totally remarkable. Better audio and sound effects also complements the game splendidly with the presence of good musical score and interesting effects to the scenes. The gameplay remains fantastic with the combat leaving gamers breathless and really yearning for more. God of War III is definitely an outstanding finale to the much-loved game that will truly be remembered for a very long time in the video gaming world.