God of War Collection - PS Vita

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May 06, 2014

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PS Vita PS3


In God of War Collection on the PS Vita, you will discover the origins of Kratos' unstoppable arsenal, the Blades of Chaos; mighty weapons forged in the pits of Hades and handed to him by Ares in a bid to carry out his orders of destruction. The story begins in Athens where Kratos battles the three-headed monster, Hydra, before embarking on a bloody mission for Athena who wants him to stop Ares and save her city from defeat. In order to do this Kratos must set out on a journey to track down Pandora's Box, which grants any mortal who possesses it the power to defeat a god. Unfortunately, the box has been locked deep within Pandora's Temple located on the back of the Titan, Cronos, who has been cursed by Zeus to wander the Desert of Lost Souls for all eternity.

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Release Date:

May 06, 2014

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