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April 13, 2010

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Yes folks you get to play 2 games instead of a measly one game, see user review for full details of this game.

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The two main characters are The Lost and Damned’s Johnny Klebitz who is the sensible deputy commander of biker gang The Lost and Luis Lopez, protagonist of The Ballad of Gay Tony, with a stretch in jail behind him to lend him an authoritative air. GTA IV’s Niko plays a cameo role to help lock the stories together. Putting The Lost’s gang chapter boss Billy back onto the city sets off a confrontation between Johnny, the sensible, practical one, and Billy with his heroin induced brain workings.

As the game progresses the missions get more and more improbable but nonetheless exciting for it. Johnny’s approach is up front but The Ballad of Gay Tony's Luis Lopez operates in a totally different way. As Tony’s straight right-hand man, Luis is fiercely protective of his boss, jumping to his defense against his enemies vand against Tony’s own self-destructive tendencies. These two characters likeable as they are take second best to the supposed lesser characters, and it is they who steal the show: Yusuf and Mori are particularly interesting, the first is the son of a billionaire oil baron,and the latter being the offensive brother of GTA IV’s Brucie. lend The Ballad of Gay Tony the Missions from both of these idiots are inane episodes that shows GTA at it should be, boasting gold-plated helicopters, dancing minigames and parachutes designed for BASE jumping. Almost every job undertake involves flying in an assortment of helicopters. Those jobs don’t involve ridiculous flying stunts are ridiculous in other enjoyable, funny ways.

The Ballad of Gay Tony is the best of GTA: One mission involves collecting a celebrity blogger with a weird accent and taking him on a helicopter “tour” of the city, before throwing him out over land. With a parachute strapped to his back, Luis takes off after him. The Lost and Damned relies less on high-flying antics and more on tightly focused missions with plenty of fireworks. There have been some useful improvements, bikes have been tightened up, gripping the road and carving through traffic. Taking one of the game’s pseudo-Harleys on a mission is a pleasure. Put up against one of Liberty City’s more reliable fourwheelers, I found myself always choosing the bike. Johnny’s missions have been shotened getting rid of the long story missions to concentrate on quality action. Gunfights are common, but short, finishing before the get boring. Character has always been GTA’s sticking point. Johnny isn’t likeable, but he is believable and both Tony and Luis have at least some humanity often missing on the city streets.

The Lost’s story is meaner and leaner than anything yet seen, a focused dose of blood and guts. The Ballad of Gay Tony is sillier and more riotously colorful than any GTA since Vice City. Both burst out of the frame in a way GTA IV rarely managed.

A good game, amusingly far fetched and way over the top.

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