Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City PS3 User Review

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Last year, Xbox 360 owners who are Grand Theft Auto IV fans were given a special treat – the downloadable episodes that extended the story of GTA IV. And just last March, PS3 and PC fans of GTA were also delighted with the same content that Xbox 360 owners had. The disc includes two great additions to GTA IV which are “The Lost and Damned” and “The Ballad of Gay Tony.”

Let’s first tackle The Ballad of Gay Tony. Even in the first ten minutes of the game you are already hijacking a train; carrying it to an empty ball field through a helicopter. Great action here is sustained in the first few minutes of The Ballad of Gay Tony.

It may be a little over-the-top but it will suit the taste of GTA aficionados. If you have missed the outlandishness of GTA: San Andreas, then you would probably enjoy the missions of Gay Tony ratcheting up to preposterousness. The player’s character in Gay Tony is Luis Lopez who is the bodyguard and business associate of the title character. Gay Tony is the famous owner of the hottest straight nightclub and the hottest gay club in the city. But he has gotten himself into a serious trouble. The theme revolves around a successful man slowly losing grip and tumbling down off the ladder of success.

The events in Gay Tony and in Lost and Damned take place at the same time as that of GTA IV. There are lots of characters to meet and you even get to know some bigger crime lords. At one point Luis does a job for Bulgarin who is the top Russian gangster present in the city. Luis takes on an action-packed mission for Bulgarin who wants to take over the hockey team, Liberty City Rampage.

The Lost and Damned on the other hand, offers great missions, as well. The Lost and Damned has the same gameplay mechanics and great storytelling that GTA IV has. It’s like it’s a separate game by itself and not just add-on content.
L&D has a full-fledged campaign, exciting new locations, cool mini-games that include arm-wrestling, gameplay mechanics that are well refined, new and cool vehicles, new weapons, a powerful soundtrack with new DJs, even new TV shows and a new multiplayer mode.

In conclusion, these two additions to the GTA IV are a perfect way to end the saga. What you didn’t know in the main story two years ago, such as what happened to the stolen diamonds, are now revealed. Although the storyline is far from impressive, the additional supporting cast has certainly done some wonders. Though GTA IV and Lost and Damned take place in the same setting which is Liberty City, the two are distinctive from each other.

GTA had indeed made a mark in the video gaming world. And with these two new additions, gamers will surely savor the action of a pure GTA gameplay. So take the opportunity to add two more campaigns to a great collection. You’d probably be surprised to find out you’ve actually missed the noisy, crowded streets of Liberty City.