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October 24, 2005

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Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories on the PSP is set in Liberty City, last seen in Grand Theft Auto III. You play Toni Cipriani, a hotheaded member of the Leone crime family freshly returned to the city after four years spent lying low for killing a rival gang boss. Having slid down the crime ladder in his absence, Toni must claw his way back into the favour of Don Salvatore Leone by doing jobs for a variety of shady characters all over town, ranging from a seedy strip club owner to his own disapproving mother. The game retains the classic GTA third person perspective and simple control system, so even novices will be hurling themselves out of speeding cars and popping wheelies on motorbikes in no time. Combat is handled by a straightforward lock-on system, and there's a selection of firepower so comprehensive it would make Schwarzenegger blush.

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Release Date: 10/31/2006

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I have played a number of Grand Theft Auto games before and for the most part was never really that impressed with them. I have always preferred to play the console version over the handheld version since it all began. Don't get me wrong GTA has always been known to have a great storyline I was for the most part happy with this game. I am not stating that it doesn't have its number of problems, but in this review I shall briefly go through this game.

You simply play as Tony Cipriani who works for Salvator Leone. So now that you have returned the Leone family is going to take on a lot, from every angle. They are a crime family, and guess what you are their right hand man so you will be doing your fare share of crimes and such. YES! It does have a number of previous characters, but you really don't need to know who they are to make the game work for you. There weren't any what I felt noticeable characters, which we have grown to love over the years, such as Steve Scott the porno director, or that crazy hippy from San Andres.

If you just stick to the script and play the missions you will find that you will get about 15 solid hours of gameplay in the game. But, like most gamers you want to check out what else the game has to offer. In fact, the main game will only show a completion of forty percent of the game. There are all new pizza delivery, taxi services, ambulance, and of course my favorite vigilante missions. Along, with that there are one hundred packages to find throughout the city. I also noticed a wide variety of cars and bikes for you to take and run from the police.

For the most part the missions are one track. For instance, you will just steal a car and drive it to a certain point. You can't completely destroy the car either, or you will fail the mission. I also, found a number of missions where you have to take out fellow gang members, as well. Not saying that they are bad by any means, but it doesn't seem like they mix it up enough. You might find yourself falling into the same routine.

It almost looks and feels like you are playing Vice City on PS2 and there are tons of guns to choose from. For instance, when you start out you will face enemies with pistols and knives. As you progress through the game you will found that you will be fighting harder and harder characters with shotgun, and machine guns. There are ton of weapons to choose from but you can only carry one of each kind of weapon at once. You can change your outfits to, or should I say your entire outfit at once; like in SA.

The game does seem to be a bit easier than it was in previous versions. For instance, when you are being chased by cops they are not nearly as aggressive as they have been in the past. I like a challenge! In fact, they almost seem to have their territories where you can kind of predict who is going to be pursuing you. Maybe, it has something to do with the system it is on. Also, you will notice sometimes when you jump out of a car into another one that it will pause for a second or order to load the cars track.

The multiplayer mode is pretty fun. You can play a wide number of ways with friends online. It is kind of fun to play when you get tired of roaming the city and stealing cars and killing gang members. There are a couple ways to play online; death match, capture the flag, and king of the hill.

The music is a little on the crappy side. There are number of boy bands from the 90's. It doesn't really have the same feel as it did with Vice City (80's Music) or SA (rap music.). Maybe you like boy bands though. It does have a way to play your own music, but to be honest with you I haven't figured out how to do it yet. The voice overs are very nice and it does have a great storyline, no doubt.

I think this game is great though. It does have its flaws but you will get a lot of gameplay out of it. Not as good as some of the other previous releases that are on the console game, but beggars can't be choosy. It is a little bit easier than previous games, but I actually feel as if I am playing Vice City on the PS2 again, with a new storylines of course. I would recommend this game to any GTA fans!

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October 24, 2005

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