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August 24, 2010

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Nintendo Wii DS

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Grease allows players to dance and sing along with Danny, Sandy, The Pink Ladies and the T-Birds, taking full advantage of the Nintendo Wii's motion-sensing controls and microphone to enhance the gameplay.

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This game features the musical Grease which became a sensation during its age. Grease: the videogame is designed to capture the magic of the movie basically to through singing and dancing. Every bit of the visuals is funny caricatures, from the exaggerated limbs and multicolored wardrobes of the actors to the vehicles that look like something that came out of a Roger Rabbit cartoon.

Despite of the friendly and funny images that this game has, it would be better not to let kids play this game as it may contain some lyrics that are a bit for adults. You wouldn’t recognize anything wrong because you will be busy laughing and having fun because of what you see. But if you listen closely to some of the lyrics to some songs, you will notice that some of them are dirty. It wouldn’t be something you want kids to hear. Some may find it offensive but others appreciate it for a more fun filled experience.

It was quite a surprise when this game hit the market because it was its first of its kind ever to be released with the Wii Remote options. The gameplay of Grease is similar to that of guitar hero where you need to follow the arrows on a track while playing the music to pass a certain level. In addition, singing along the soundtrack of the movie has been made possible through the karaoke mode.

However, you can only sing with the soundtracks and other music on the game while being in the multiplayer mode. You cannot sing along with the game if you only play alone or on single player. The game is designed to make one player sing along and the other person take control of the dancing portion of the game. If you don’t mind being challenged to sing while playing a game, then this is game is the right game for you. To be honest I expected to learn how to dance to the music and that is what the game portrayed, but did not deliver on.

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August 24, 2010

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