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April 28, 2006

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Release Date: 08/28/2012


Continue your adventures in Guild Wars: Factions! The continent of Cantha has been all but decimated by the Betrayer, Shiro Tagachi.
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Guild Wars really made its mark on the online MMORPG scene by placing giving players a breathtaking gameplay with no monthly fees attached to it. The endless hours of questing and levelling up with other players made the game a joy for most players. Along with the many instalments of guild wars that have already been released in the past, the mechanics of the game is still the same. You still control one character and groom it until it becomes strong enough. There are various ways to do this, you can do quests or even party up with people to get you there. There are also skills that you have to pick to make your character a formidable one.

If you are still starting out with the game, you can have a helping hand from the computer and it offers a few henchmen to your aid; a really helpful feature if you ask me, since you do not want to keep on dying every few minutes.

The new instalment features a new location to go to known as Canthas. The place is pretty much on the Asian theme as opposed to Tyria where the theme is stranded in the medieval times. Not to mention that there are new classes of characters that you may want to try. The Assassin is quick to move and hits effectively, the Ritualists on the other hand summons spirits to their aid. With two more added classes, battles can be more diverse than ever.

Similar to most MMORPGs out there, the main feature is really on the PVP which is handled by GW really well. If you just want to hop in a PVP battle, you can always enter small matches that team you up with a group and match you with another group. But if you want to go big time in terms of PVP you may take note that killing is not the only path to winning; you must achieve specific objectives before you win the match.

The word “Faction” is not placed on the title for nothing. The new instalment features various guilds fighting over their turf. The more they win the more places do they get to conquer and the more resources that they get to enjoy. The aim is not really to eliminate the opposite guild, but winning is all about gaining territory.

The game has breathtaking graphics and music. What more can you ask for an MMORPG game?
Well the game is not perfect. Take note of these small details. Whenever you are doing quests, the details of where to go and what to get are placed in small texts which can be easily missed. Doing the campaign can benefit the player in small ways which can make the whole portion forgettable.

Being a newbie in all this war is a bad idea. You do not really get to be a part of all the action until you spend time in making your character stronger to qualify yourself to join the strongest guilds out there.

Although it is not required, having the previous titles installed still means that you get to enjoy more places to go and a more complex game to play. This means if you want to fully experience guild wars, you need to purchase the previous titles which can be pricey. Nonetheless the game is a wonderful experience for MMORPG lovers out there that are looking for great PVP experience as well as stunning graphics.

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April 28, 2006

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