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May 31, 2007

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Halo 2 will see players suit up as the enigmatic Master Chief in an ongoing war against the alien armada known as the Covenant, who takes the bitter conflict to Earth in a campaign spanning 13 levels. The graphics have been optimized and revamped for PC, and all 21 multiplayer maps from the Xbox game and its expansion are included as well. Exclusive to the computer version is a map editor allowing players to create custom scenarios. Both competitive and cooperative online action is supported via Microsoft's Games for Windows Live service under a two-tier system. The game ships with a free "silver" package that supports a single profile or Gamertag and a unified friends list shared between PC and Xbox 360 owners.

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I think I would agree with many gamers when I say Halo 2 for Xbox 360 is one of the greatest FTS of all time. Seriously, have to put on my thinking cap to think of a game that is on the same level as Halo 2. Anyways this game is NOT reviewing Halo 2 on Xbox though, instead I am reviewing it for the PC. So with further ado here is my review (ha that rhymed)

Let me start off by stating that the single player campaign isn't that lengthy and skilled players could probably beat it in under twelve hours. However, I did it in 14 hours, I was also on the moderate difficulty level as well. Obviously, it would be much more of a challenge if you are on hard. But the story starts out as you are once again the Master Chief and where the first game left off you're space marine who blew up the Halo ring and the Covenant who would like to retrieve the rings for their religion. They are going to go on an epic journey (Delta Halo). Not on your watch as you battle way with the Covenant. Now, I made the review very brief as I do not want to be a spoiler and ruin the game for you completely.

The multiplayer mode in contrast is very deep. In fact, you can now create your own maps to fight along with others online. You can battle with up to sixteen others online and there are over twenty maps too. You will learn how to use a variety of weapons (from the 2 that you are allowed to carry) and even use surprise melee attacks which can kill your enemies with just one hit. Now you can play all kinds of custom games too, for instance all team shotguns snipers!

The controls honestly feel a little odd to me, there is an auto aim that just makes it way to easy to automatically lock on to your enemy and blast them away. I tried it with the mouse and keyboard and then with just a controller. I could safely say that I could beat anyone who is using their mouse and keyboard if I am using my controller. Now that just not fair!

There are no stats online that are tracked though and that just kind of killed it for me, I really want to keep track of my kills and everything. I mean that gives you bragging rights and everything, but for whatever reason they just did away with it. I will have to say that this is a good game but nowhere near as good as its 360 counterpart. I would have to say this game is about a 7.5 out of 10. There are certainly better games on the PC that are in the first person shooter genre.

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Oct 19, 2014

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May 31, 2007

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