Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Xbox 360 User Review

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Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary takes users on a huge quest and the story unravels from where the previous title,Halo 2, left off. So in effect the story starts as the Master Chief is awakening to discover that the Pillar of Autumn is being attacked by the Covenant. He is aided by his friends Cortana and Keyes and during a miraculous escape they manage to crash land on the Ring Planet Halo in their Life Pod and it is from here that the story unfolds.

The graphics in this game have been drastically updated and the overall High Definition quality only adds to the overall extensive gameplay. There are hours upon hours of gameplay to be had in this game, mainly due to the sheer size of the game. Those who have played Halo Reach and followed the storyline may want to purchase this as it answers fundamental questions which otherwise will remain unknown.

The vehicles within the game require a certain amount of practice to master, as the quick turning can sometimes require a lot of skill due to the loose feel of the controls. The AI is consistent and you generally get the feeling that the AI is a real opponent. So great thought has been put into the overall game, and likewise with the weapons and the accuracy you can get when using them.

The controls are somewhat simple and you also have the option to be able to change configurations, however, changing certain buttons effects other buttons and you cannot really customize the button configuration to how you would like it, a minor flaw within the game and causes no real issues.

Some of you who have played the original Halo 11 years ago will no doubt be pleased with this new release in HD, and like other games such as Serious Sam which also had an HD makeover, it really feels like a completely new game. I really hope gaming companies continue to do this so we get to play such classic games in very high detail. You could say that Halo Anniversary is a cross between Serious Sam and it also has elements of Doom, with an epic storyline to boot.

Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary is a masterpiece which has greatly improved looks and combat playability, the epic battles are enhanced even higher due to the detail as a result of the HD overhaul, and it really does feel like a different game as a result. A much more polished all rounded game.