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With the release of this new version of the famous game Halo, tons of Halo fanatics can’t wait to start playing. This new version of Blood Gulch of Halo comprises a bigger terrain than the previous. I had this chance to check out the new world of Halo and yes indeed - it’s absolutely bigger than before. You could even say it’s larger than large; it’s colossal!

In Halo, a new born version of Blood Gulch has risen with its series of map terrain that makes the Forge World more exciting; this new iteration is called the “Hemorrhage”. Forge World consists of several maps/areas – 5 to be exact, dubbed as Canyon, Island, The Rock, Quarry and Coliseum; which is very suitable for Griffball, an extremely fast paced sport game type that's played on an open court between two teams of four players. Each team has a goal and each player carries a gravity hammer and an energy sword.

If you want a multiplayer mode in a gigantic battle, you may use all the five different areas of Forge World. You may also create your own terrain of Halo: Reach’s Huge Forge World according to your preference.

Bungie created and released the new Forge World inclusive of the new Forge Tools which you can use in Hemorrhage and likewise with two other levels: the Pinnacle and the Cage. The Forge Tools gives you ideas on how you can build your levels with relative ease.

Pinnacle is a perfect stage for team games such as Crazy King or Oddball. This is a reincarnation of an old-school map, the Ascension. With its newly-built terrain and sniping towers that Halo fanatics have been waiting for, Halo is sure to make you reach for the highest peak of thrill and excitement.

Outside the Griffball arena, you can also view the newly created map that floats, which is strangely called the Cage. It’s suitable for big battles in both melees and long-ranged characters. This is one of the intense maps that Bungie ever created for the world of Halo. Cage is the best example of the great improvements of Forge. Tools and options have been added to make this game a breathtaking experience; you could easily get hooked on. This game utilizes some physics and geometry application which makes the game a little bit confusing; but with the help of the Forge tools things get quite easy in the whole game process. Moving objects with its corresponding coordinates even allows you to place specific orientations effortlessly.

In the multiplayer game, two vehicles are introduced. One is the Falcon which is a must-use vehicle in the new world of Hemorrhage. You can’t shoot any kind of artillery but other passengers can shoot turrets that can lead your enemy to its final destination – yes, Death, what else? The Banshee definitely doesn’t stand a chance against the Falcon in a one-on-one bout.

The other vehicle is the Covenant. It acts like a ghost crossed with a Wraith Tank; a two-seater that moves so nimbly it can also simultaneously fire enormous plasma balls. It’s a very powerful vehicle that’s absolutely worth using as it can really cause massive destruction; however, it doesn’t provide that much protection to the river.

So, with all of Bungie’s creative effort, the Forge has become kind of extravagant. The new Halo: Reach is now within your grasp, but the frustrating part is you can’t play with other players that are not listed in your Friends list. It is only limited to some hoppers. However, Bungie is planning to upgrade and take Halo to its next level. Meanwhile, if you intend to play the crazy map remember that you need online friends to get the real feel of matchmaking.

Halo: Reach’s Forge World again takes another step to the next level in gaming experience. Despite the presence of some flaws that need to be corrected, they’re not really that much of a nuisance to the Halo fanatics. So… get the game and rock on.

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Let me start off by saying this is one of the most exciting FTS shooter games I have ever played. I have been playing Halo games since the beginning of time and was overjoyed when this game was released. In fact I called in sick to work that day lol. Not to mention I would have to question your loyalty to Halo if you didn't get the Collectors Edition. This game is really the best of the series and I will show you why in this review.

First, they totally revamped the whole menu system which was much needed. Why is this so great? Well for starters you can display your friends that are playing Reach, and also you can keep track of them for good old fashion party games. Honestly, starting or entering a different gaming mode is easy as hitting a couple buttons (not to mention your friends can come with you every place you want to go).

In the campaign mode everyone knows that they storyline are truly epic and Halo Reach is by far the best. You can play by yourself or with up to four players, and this time you are the newest member/members of the Noble team. In your first challenge you are to seek out and discover a "distress signal" in a mountainous region. Like any other Halo game a full out war erupts between alien invaders. You will have to fend for yourself with a ton of FTS tactics. This is by far the best Halo game you will ever play!

I don't really want to ruin the story or anything, but it will start out a little slow, but each level will really build onto the next, you will be on the edge of your seat by the time the final level has unfolded, though. Just when you get comfortable in a rocky environment the level will change into a military outpost or even a rural farm. You will even be able to enjoy the all new vehicles (which actually handle quite well).

So as far as replayability goes, Reach wrote the book on this in my opinion. You can play multiple levels with friends online/offline and customize the attributes of the weapons, shields, and strength of gravity, of course the difficulty level, as well. Hell, you can even play in user generated matches online which are even more customizable. Don't forget about the competitive matchmaking system, which makes the online play freaken awesome. Also, the online mode comes with a new and improved voting system where you can actually play a more non-biased match.

I really could go on and on about how good this game is but you probably don't want to hear me blow my load about how great this game actually is. Top that all off with brilliant graphics and excellent sound and you have a state of the art game. Honestly is there anyone here at RAG that doesn't like this game The collectors edition comes with a nice box, stickers and awesome booklet in which the standard edition does not come with though. It is a must for any true Halo fan, buy, this game and I will beat you online. Lol