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August 11, 2009

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Hearts of Iron III returns and this time offers grognards more than 150 nations to control and more than 10,000 provinces to manage and conquer. Players take control of any nation that existed during the time period of 1936 to 1948, and then try to fashion themselves into a world power through a combination of military might, domestic production, research and technology, politics, and diplomacy. However, decisive shifts in world power are often most dependent on military action, and Hearts of Iron III addresses this by giving gamers the option of controlling their armed forces from a broad perspective in the form of battalions, or all the way down to an individual soldier.

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Are you looking for a strategy game that actually requires you to actually use strategy? Are you looking for a strategy games that will keep you hooked to your PC for hours at a time and thereby providing you with hours upon hours of entertainment? If you are, then look no further than Hearts of Iron III. This is a game that you will enjoy playing especially if you are one who likes intricate games with lots of depth.

The game play for this game is outstanding and hardcore gamers will surely appreciate the time and effort that the game developers put into making this game. For one thing, you can cut through the reams of paperwork and get right into the intricacies of war. You do not have to sit through oil problems and the price of it since it is now much easier to get right to the point of World War II. As amazing as it is, you will still find that it has some glitches but as with any good game, the glitches are easy to overlook when you are having such a good time. That said, this is really one engaging game despite the glitches that were mentioned.

This is indeed a very intricate game that will take even the most experienced gamer quite a lot of time to master. It is not a game that you can learn by heart in a couple of hours mind you; so, you do need a lot of patience to appreciate all that it has to offer. If you remember how hellish it was to micromanage the running of your state in the previous games, you will be happy to know that in this version of the game, you can simply choose how involved you actually want to be with the running of things.

What really makes this game such a winner is that you no longer need to micromanage too much that you lose track of the bigger picture. It was very easy to do this in the previous game as you were required to dip your hands into everything that sometimes, you will find that you are not enjoying the bigger picture anymore. With this version, you will be given a chance to take control of how you play the game and you will find that you are no longer slave to it.

The few bad things about it is that there may be some lags when you play as there are always a myriad of calculations going on in the background. The lag may make it seem like you are involved in one of the most slow-moving wars imaginable but that's is a small price to pay for such a highly addictive and very intricate game. If you liked the first versions of this game, try this one out and see if you like how it is without all the micromanagement that was to be found in the first version of the game. Minor glitches aside, you may just love this version more than the first.

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August 11, 2009

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