Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear - Xbox 360 Cheats


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Heavy Fire Shattered Spear Xbox 360 achievements.

Carry out the following tasks to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:-

Agile (25 points) Perform a QTE perfectly in one level.
All Clear (25 points) Complete all missions on Veteran Mode.
Apache Hero (50 points) Complete the 8th mission.
Base Defender (50 points) Complete the 7th mission.
Big Flood (50 points) Complete the 2nd mission.
Chain Alpha (15 points) Chain together 5 consecutive kills.
Chain Beta (25 points) Chain together 7 consecutive kills.
Collateral Damage (25 points) Destroy 500 total destructible objects.
Crowd Crusher (25 points) Perform 5 splash damage kills simultaneously.
Eagle Eye (15 points) Achieve 100% sniper accuracy.
Fragile World (15 points) Destroy 200 total destructible objects.
Good Aim (30 points) Perform 50 total headshots.
Good Eye (15 points) Complete any mission with 50% accuracy or higher.
Half Cleared (25 points) Complete all missions on Rookie Mode.
Hawk Eye (50 points) Complete the 5th mission.
Invincible (25 points) Complete any mission without being hit.
Johnny R. (50 points) Score 1,000 total kills.
Local Hero (15 points) Complete a level without causing any destruction.
Marksman (90 points) Perform 100 total headshots.
Multi-kill (15 points) Perform 4 splash damage kills simultaneously.
No Turning Back (15 points) Complete the last mission on Veteran Mode without using checkpoints.
Orders Disruptions (10 points) Find and destroy 75% of special objects.
Package Secured (50 points) Complete the 10th mission.
Radio Breaker (10 points) Find and destroy 50% of special objects.
Radio Silence (10 points) Find and destroy 100% of special objects.
Ranger (10 points) Score 250 total kills.
Red Boom (15 points) Destroy all red barrels in one level.
Simple & Efficient (25 points) Kill 250 enemies with a pistol.
Sniper (15 points) Perform 5 headshots in a row.
Specialist (15 points) Kill 500 enemies with an additional/special weapon.
Top Secret (50 points) Complete the 3rd mission.
War Hero (25 points) Score 500 total kills.
Waste (65 points) Fire 25,000 rounds of ammunition.
World Peace (50 points) Complete the 12th mission.