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February 23, 2010

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Heavy Rain is a high-def psychological thriller; an adventure game of sorts with action-oriented elements and a dark storyline that is as disturbing as it is compelling. The noir plot follows the lives of four largely unrelated individuals, all of which have been affected by a serial murderer on the loose. Each with a different motive, the characters seek to end the gruesome spree of the "Origami Killer," so-called for the folded paper creations left on murder victims. Players navigate the game world using the controller's left stick to look around and the trigger to move, squeezing harder to run faster. Each decision and action can influence the development of the plot, and even the ultimate survival of the four main characters depends on the choices the player makes throughout the game.

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Heavy rain is a psychological thriller that takes video gaming to a new level. Here’s a game that would rock your gaming world; for its aim is to give us something we haven’t tried before. Heavy rain is a video game based on a story of a man named Ethan Mars who witnessed his son’s death in the hands of the Origami Killer, whose name was derived from his killer signature of leaving origami on the bodies of his victims.

Heavy Rain is patterned with a QTE or quick-time-events that allows for a combination of storytelling and game playing. Situations come with prompts that should be pressed in time to move on with the game. In Heavy Rain, whatever happens and whatever the player decides to do, being able to press that prompt button or not, would lead to different situations according to the decisions made. Every path you choose has its own consequence that leads to how the story would continue. Making the right choices could lead you to the bad guy while making the wrong ones would let the killer escape. No matter what you do, everything goes on. Simply put, Heavy Rain and how the game ends is greatly influenced by the player. They have a large hand in how the game unravels which makes it different from other videogames.

Although it has a slow start, this game, is quite unpredictable. It definitely requires your utmost concentration because events could just happen anytime, anywhere and when you are caught off-guard; there definitely is a consequence to deal with. It is a thriller in all sense of the word, which keeps you at the edge of your seat. Everything is so dependent on how you react that you really need to be on your toes.
What makes Hard Rain unique is that the whole videogame rotates around the story. While playing, the story is the center of attention that should never be taken for granted. What you do during the game, and how you react in every situation has everything to do with the story. Your decisions fuel the story.

This actually contributes to one of its major drawbacks. Exposing and establishing the characters at the opening chapters, for example, are truly quite vital to what happens later, as you would later on discover, but the pacing is excruciatingly lethargic, you can fall asleep for two hours. But as mentioned earlier, when you get to the meat of the game, it can pick up quickly and pull you in.

The game can get quite confusing at some points, especially when options and prompts become unclear, blemished or blotted as they are prone to be, mainly to portray the character as being worn out, tired or tensed. Prompt buttons are tricky at times; they tend to give this funny vibration when you hold them down, if you’re supposed to tap lightly. It’s no big deal, really; but it can mess you up in few instances.
Overall, Heavy Rain is a one of a kind interactive drama videogame that creates an atmosphere of mystery and thrill as the psychological drama unfolds every step of the way. With its high-end technology that shouts out brilliance in its graphics and animation, this videogame is sure to give you an unforgettable, most enjoyable experience in gaming.

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February 23, 2010

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