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September 15, 2009

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Heroes Over Europe is a combat flight simulation set during World War II. A high-def-capable sequel to the previous console generation's Heroes of the Pacific, the game focuses on dogfights, calling on players to use both skill and three-dimensional tactics to shoot down enemy fighter planes. Over three dozen flyable aircraft are featured, including all major models employed by German and U.S. forces. As with its predecessor, the game's difficulty can be adjusted, to accommodate realistic flight sim-style piloting challenges as well as a more forgiving arcade style of play.

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In the single-player game, you'll be flying as one of four different pilots. You'll begin fighting off German attacks that venture above the island of Great Britain, but end up fighting with the US and New Zealand forces over Germany itself. The characters all tell their story of why they're fighting there, but the voice-acting that follows the cutscenes is absolutely dreadful, resulting in you not wanting to really be any of these terribly boring pilots.

The campaign itself jumps around some, since missions with your earliest squadron can only be played once you've progressed, and moved out of the area to some new group. You'd think that having crossed the channel and being based off the continent would prevent you from heading back to Great Britain and having to defend them, but it doesn't.

There are a number of different airplanes that can be unlocked, especially if you're willing to play at a higher difficulty.

Likely, you'll play at the higher difficulty, even without the bonus of more easily unlocking planes. That's because the AI is not very difficult at all, and will often not even notice you trying to devastate their ride. The missions, also, are only somewhat different as you go through the game, and though there are some novel takes on the essential elements, they mostly consist of your dog-fighting enemies or bombing buildings.

The game does offer a new element of the gameplay, which are Ace kills. These allow your character to zoom in on the enemy and specifically target certain portions to shoot at, such as their engines or the pilot themselves. This option is a nice added feature, but it actually makes a game that is already too easy at the most difficult difficulty level even easier.

One feature that is nice is the extensive online play. There are four different game modes, as well as four maps for your flying pleasure. Up to sixteen players can play a map at a time, though it's very difficult to find that many people playing the game at any given time. The modes are fun, especially Team Survivor, where the last person standing wins it for the team. That will have you performing selfless acts to keep your survivors alive, like diving in front of bullets.

While Heroes Over Europe does certainly provide opportunities for fun, the simplicity of destroying AI opponents, combined with the lack of real opponents to fight, leaves the player with little to do. If you're a huge WWII buff who feels like they've missed out flying the aircraft of that era, then this simulation will offer that opportunity, but beyond that it's a merely average flight sim.

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September 15, 2009

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