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Super Gamer Dude

PlayStation 3

This is a most unlikely story, hopefully an impossible future scenario where, as a result of disaster after disaster, America is an impoverished nation and North Korea is a world power. The Korean forces have attacked and occupied a large part of the US, via Hawaii and San Francisco, halting at the Mississippi.

The game begins with an American ex combat pilot being dragged from his house and thrown onto a bus, with other detainees, on a journey to an interrogation centre in Korean military occupied territory, you take his part. As you can imagine there is a feast of atrocities perpetrated on American civilians witnessed from the bus on the way there. These are the sort of inhuman treatments you are used to seeing footage of in third world countries, but even worse and far more graphically bloody.

Now captive, in your own country, deep behind enemy lines, the resistance forces decide you must be rescued. A pair of resistance fighters are sent in and accompany you through suburban America, leading you to a safe house. The fights you take part in are a team effort with your partners actually killing things and calling out targets for you to fire at.

There is a lot going on with assorted actions on several levels, varying in dimension from a siege in a ordinary town house to a fight against overwhelming odds out in the open, with continuous action but with firefights not too long to become boring. Each setting has an atmospheric feel about it, carefully thought out to fit the overall idea of a foreign occupation. Propaganda broadcasts and posters are ever present, the roads are almost empty of the endemic population and all around is the wreckage of hardware demolished by the advanced Korean weaponry. The Mississippi has been rendered radioactive to from a barrier between the occupied and free areas of the country.

This sets the tone of the game and it remains to see what the finished product is like, but it promises to be quite an experience.