Hot Shots Golf Open Tee PSP Cheat

Hot Shots Golf Open Tee Cheats

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Super Gamer Dude

These are the characters you can unlock in the game.

Alia: South Alps Hole 14, Equip the magic broom
Alice: Beat in Begineer VS. Mode
C.J.: Olive Coast Hole 4, Use Patricia
Chad: Beat in Platinum VS. Mode
Frau Ada: Beat in Pro VS. Mode
Gloria: Fortress Yard Hole 16, Cross-Dress Chad
Holly: Dino Park Hole 6, Use Malachy
Julie: Autumn Pagoda Hole 17, Use Mifune
Lauryn: Beat in Bronze VS. Mode
Lee: Beat in Gold VS. Mode
Logan: Golden Desert Hole 13, Equip Big Air Expert Club
Malachy: Beat in Amateur VS. Mode
Mifune: Beat in Silver VS. Mode
Mika: Nagawaka Hole 12, Chip-in a shot
Montcalm: Beat in Seeded-Pro VS. Mode
Patricia: Gamelan Island Resort Hole 1, Use a male equipped with a swimsuit
Rio: Central Golf Square Hole 6, Bogey Hole 5
Roger: El Andes Hole 17, Use Frau Ada
Shu: Michinoku Pass Hole 15, Use a female character

These are the courses you can unlock in the game.

Autumn Pagoda: Defeat Alice in VS. Mode
Central Golf Square: Defeat Malachy in VS. Mode
Dino Park: Defeat Lee in VS. Mode
El Andes: Defeat Mifune in VS. Mode
Fortress Yard: Defeat Lee in VS. Mode
Gamelan Island Resort: Defeat Lauryn in VS. Mode
Golden Desert: Defeat Montcalm in VS. Mode
Michinoku Pass: Defeat Frau Ada in VS. Mode
Olive Coast: Defeat Frau Ada in VS. Mode
Royal & Links: Defeat Lauryn in VS. Mode
Hidden Treasures
These are items hidden on the courses that you can unlock.

Aikidu Sensei: Autumn Pagoda Hole 13
Baquette Club Intermediate: Central Golf Square Hole 2
Baseball Helmet: Nagawaka Hole 3
Beginners Club Intermediate: Olive Coast Hole 10
Big Air Club Expert: El Andes Hole 18, Use a male character
Big Paper Fan: South Alps Hole 3
Big Serve Club Intermediate: Gamelan Island Resort Hole 4
Black Afro: Gamelan Island Resort Hole 6
Bottle Club Expert: Nagawaka Hole 13
Busby Hat: Fortress Yard Hole 15
Caveman Outfit: El Andes Hole 12
CH Paddle Club Expert: Fortress Yard Hole 17
Clown Car: Central Golf Square Hole 17
Cricket Helmet: Royal & Links Hole 17
Flamenco Dress: Fortress Yard Hole 7
Flight Steward: Dino Park Hole 14
Flower Kimono: Nagawaka Hole 16
Gloria's Outfit: Central Golf Square Hole 12, Use Gloria
Gnome Beard: Golden Desert Hole 2
Golfing Trousers: South Alps Hole 7
Infinity Club Intermediate: Royal & Links Hole 7
Iron Mace: Autumn Pagoda Hole 16, Use a male character
Karate Uniform: Michinoku Pass Hole 17
Kung Fu Costume: El Andes Hole 10
Leisure Suit: Olive Coast Hole 6
Maid's Headpiece: Olive Coast Hole 18
Mandarin Gown: Gamelan Island Resort Hole 16
Monkey's Costume: Golden Desert Hole 14
Navy Sweater: Royal & Links Hole 3
Ninja Outfit: Autumn Pagoda Hole 5
Pin Hole Club Intermediate: Golden Desert Hole 12
Royal Hanbok: Dino Park Hole 17
Rugby Uniform: Central Golf Square Hole 14
Samurai Kimono: Autumn Pagoda Hole 8
Soccer Uniform 2: Royal & Links Hole 5
Stable Boy: Michinoku Pass Hole 7