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November 12, 2009

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These animals race around collecting keys in cars so that they can shoot through the entrance into the new worlds to take over.

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In this game the earth is made up of numerous universes. In the other words there are animals that are mean and intellectual animals that are walking on two legs and they are called Vandals and there are also the robots that are planning to take over everything the Sark. These animals race around collecting keys in cars so that they can shoot through the entrance into the new worlds to take over.

The Battle Force is a group of six drivers who are to save the Earth and other planets from the car-driving fanatics. The Battle Force wear suits that help them to crush the animals, they can climb on walls and even transform themselves to some other creatures. That sounds complicated which it actually is. From the minute you turn on the game you are expected to know Vert Wheeler and Zemerik.

The game does not give you any introduction to the characters but surprisingly you will easily find out who they are sooner or later. The voice in the game is top notch and all is clearly explained to the fans and the player. The game is basically based on behind the wheel; this is where all the action is. When the game begins you will be Vert who is on the wheels of the Saber and you will have to begin beating up Sark cronies and liberating your team members one after the other. When you release one of your team members, then in the next level you will be using their car.

You will be infuriated by the controls however because they are not as great as you would expect them to be. When each of the levels starts you will be following a red line that leads to an entrance this will follow on the other side and it will help you to free a team mate as well and you will have to fight a bigger foe in there. There is a lot of other activity to be done, there are people to crush and there are items to pick. However, none of these are exciting.

The cars in this game have different abilities. The Spinner shoots grenades; Choppers will morph into the buzz saw. When you run down people you will be taking over their individuality. You will also find that the controls of the cars will be pretty bad at some points. Using the analog stick to steer the wheel at times messes you up because the car does not follow your control.

You will find using the controls to collide specific things in the game much exciting. You will need to crush onto vehicles for you to be able to get some items. These same actions will be done on the games multi-player Mode. You can also sweep the enemies on one side by waving the Wii mote to the side you want them to fall on. Note that the multiplayer is just for two players. In a few words, Hot Wheels Battle 5 is not an impressive game, it is quite shallow and the player does not feel well engaged throughout the game.

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Release Date:

November 12, 2009

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