The House of the Dead Overkill: Extended Cut - PS3

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October 25, 2011

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The House of the Dead Overkill is an over-the-top, B-movie, pulp fiction-style take on the House of the Dead series. Played from a first-person perspective, the game's seemingly simple goal is to blast at the packs of zombies, mutants, and other unearthly horrors that come into view, before they can get close enough to take a bite. Based on the Wii edition of the title, Extended Cut presents the gruesome shooter action in HD, with support for stereoscopic 3D. Two new stages are included, along with Trophies, game modes, and other additional content. Play mechanics are of the on-rails shooter style, as in other House of the Dead games. Players aim and fire while their characters automatically move forward through the level, pausing at key locations for special challenges and scripted events.

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Jan 1, 2015

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Release Date:

October 25, 2011

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