Hyperdimension Neptunia PS3 User Review

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PlayStation 3


The story behind this game has to do with all the companies involved in console systems. The main character, the goddess Neptune, who represents SEGA in this game, loses her powers and memory and is banished to the mortal realm. The game, then, has to do with her fighting the monsters that are attacking the islands that make up the realm of Gamindustri. With her powers garnered from various historical SEGA games like Altered Beast, Neptune fights her way towards more and more power, leading back to her regaining her place as a goddess. If the other Gods involved represent Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, then Hyperdimension Neptunia could be an indication of a console we could see in the future.

Speculation aside, this game has a couple of facets that make it stand out from other RPGs. Once, would be the amount of video game references that are packed into this game, which is an enormous number. As far as being a videogame dedicated to videogames goes, this one definitely provides historical context. This novelty is just about the most intriguing aspect of the game, however.

The graphics are nothing extremely special, mostly because the game designers didnÂ’t do anything with them. Moving around the very graphically interesting world is done through menu movement, which means that your character never gets to just travel around through these visually impacting worlds, just gets to look on them from outside. You also donÂ’t get to talk to people except through little silhouette window boxes. Even when you do get into the dungeons, they are mostly just drab hallways that are lacking in detail and noticeable differences.

The combat system is done differently than in many role-playing games. The characters have Action Points that are used to create four-part combination attacks that do large amounts of damage when they are done correctly. These actions are determined via a menu tree that branches out allowing for great customization, but combat in the game doesn't force a person to learn what the super-powered combos are. When you can go through the whole game without learning how to do your best skills, itÂ’s probably too easy.

The graphics for the battles are the most exceptional graphics in the game, with little clips making up a major part of every battle for both your characters, and enemies. Fortunately, these little clips can all be skipped through with a press of the button, allowing the battle to continue.

The premise behind Hyperdimension Neptunia is a unique one so far in the videogame industry. It is a videogame specifically about the videogame industry. Unfortunately, it doesnÂ’t take the premise to the level of game that it could have. Perhaps after SEGA releases their new system, theyÂ’ll re-release this game with the problems fixed. A gamer can only hope.