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15 November 2011

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Imagine fashion designers allows would be clothes designers to design, make and accessorize clothes to meet a client's style and budget.

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Release Date: 03/20/2012

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Imagine Fashion Designer 3DS allows the individual to design clothes much like real designers do but in a game setting . The game is not a deep artistic expression of the user, but does allow the user to be imaginative in creating fashion designs.

As an unproven designer, the game Imagine Fashion Designer teaches the individual to design clothes for TV stars, musicians and the fashion world. The object of the game is to dazzle clients with your designs until what you have created is in demand.

My Career, in the main menu has a complete tutorial that will take the individual through all the steps. The player will pick a client, choose the right outfit to put together and see the finished product. The steps are easy to follow, and allows the player to use their imagination to pick out the perfect outfit to meet the client's expectations.

The player gets six hints as to what the look the client would like to achieve and how to put the outfit together. Using the hints as a checklist the player picks clothes off a carousel and pieces together a matching outfit. The carousel holds clothes from eight different categories and then accessories are added to the outfit to make it complete. Each complete outfit must stay within a certain budget.

The individualÂÂÂ’s imagination is what customizes the fashion design for the client. Patterns, colors and decals are all picked from a side panel. The unique characteristic of the Imagine fashion designer game is the 3DS camera feature. The camera captures photos of the clientÂÂÂ’s designer outfits, which the player has created. The photos show all the customization of patterns, colors and decals designed for the client, to give the fashion design a lifelike view.

Once the outfit is completed, your client is ready to show it off at a party, prestigious event or a film premiere. Your fashion design is then analyzed by the paparazzi and reported back to you. Designing the outfits is a simple process but keeping within the budget can sometimes be a challenge.

Once you have completed a couple of designer fashions, you will need to sell them to design more fashions for other clients. My Style Studio options in the game, give you mini games to play in order to raise funds for more designer outfits. The mini games consist of your knowledge on identifying styles that you have learned while playing the Imagine Fashion Designer game. The player's memory on sizes for each of the pieces and the style is tested and can be a challenge to accomplish. Players learn a good math lesson by buying clothes to make an outfit and selling it for a profit in order to make new designer outfits for clients.

The Imagine Fashion Designer game also includes a feature where two players can compete against each other in designing outfits for clients. Players can also trade designs with each other and the StreetPass feature offers players a chance to receive gifts of clothing when they pass another player on the street.

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