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November 15, 2005

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Infected features pulse-pounding two-gun action as players cleanse the mean streets of New York City of mad, flesh-hungry Infected. The title brings the frenetic gameplay of a classic arcade game to a cutting-edge third-person shooter. Infected features an engrossing single-player campaign with lavishly gory details and unlocks the world of WiFi with blood-thirsting multiplayer modes. There is also an innovative multiplayer system called chain infections whereby players create unique avatars and pass them on to each other's PSPs like viruses. If infected by another player, the gamer will actually find his avatar running around fighting in his single-player game. Through multiplayer victories, players spread their avatars around the real world, player to player, in massive, viral chain letters of evil.

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The scene is set in New York City just around Christmas time. You are at the Rockefeller Plaza, waiting for the Christmas tree to be lit, when suddenly the place gets devastated by heartless zombies who are out to kill everything in their way. You will play as a cop named Officer Stevens whose blood, for some reason, makes an infected zombie explode when in contact with it. You are immune to the virus, and no matter how zombies get at you, they will never make you into one of them. Your mission is to kill zombies and, in order to do so, you need to use weapons and use your viral gun. You will be able to shoot at them without having to worry about running out of ammunition and you will constantly get upgrades for your weapons if you do well in your mission. There are also combo powers, and you can use these when there are so many zombies in front of you. The more you do these combos, the more you upgrade.

The game has 35 missions in total, and they vary in intent from killing the zombies to saving your fellow humans. However, the missions are a bit too short to be fully enjoyed, and the whole game lasts only for about five hours for the single player. The multiplayer version can either be played locally or online. With a local game, you can host up to 8 players, while in the online mode, you can only play one-to-one with a player globally.

Okay, so where do the problems start with Infected? First, it has poor comic timing and thus humor is compromised, and well, it’s inappropriate for a game which has zombies in it. Secondly, when you finish the single player version, you will definitely try the multiplayer, but time will come the game gets confusing, as you cannot choose who your opponent will be. And lastly, the voice acting is not really satisfying.

Overall, you will get hooked by the game for the first few parts with its plot, its visual presentation and environment, the explosive effects, as well as its good soundtrack. However, at some point, the novelty will wear off, and you will realize there’s nothing more to do. It could have been cool if there were more things to explore online, but with no more challenges to face, there is simply no reason to continue playing it, especially if you already finished the single player version.

I would still recommend this game though as there is still lots of variety in the single player mode. If only the developers had made each level longer, then maybe the players would be more than contented with the single player rather than experimenting with the multiplayer and risk getting frustrated. A slightly above average game.

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Release Date:

November 15, 2005

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