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August 24, 2010

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The simple gameplay mechanic of Ivy the Kiwi as well as the visual and sound effects add a lot of entertainment to a simple concept.

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If you're looking for ambrosial creature as a lead character in a video game-the answer is Ivy the Kiwi, Ivy is a little creature that seems to wear her eggshell hat most of the time. There's a story in this game where this tiny undaunted creature is endlessly searching for her mother, she finds her self alone in the woods and this little creature will be depending on your help, and take note you ought to protect her from any detrimental elements.

In this adventurous game, there are plenty of things you can do to keep her from harm such as elongating, pendulating, retorting stiff or firm vines that you ought to evoke from the surface. Moreover,for you to be able to let her head out in her search you have an ability to provide a jack up to aid her incline, stumps, as well as slingshots. Although this is a very simple game,however before attaining fruitful adventure, there's a certain point in her search where you'll encounter an unwavering adversity that requires you to work your speed up and skills alike.

Stages are quite animated by nature and are made out from an inert cubes or blocks that is suspended above the ground just in front of your unchanging background. In relation to that, the visual aspect as well as the matchless sound effects and the music you'll hear while your busy aiding Ivy on her journey are nothing but adds fascination to your experience.

There are couple of things you'll have to remember in playing Ivy the Kiwi, firstly, Ivy's perpetual motion and that is the endless and nonstop trot until such time the poor creature bumps into a stationary wall or on a lofty slope and then shift direction an start to run again. This flightless little Kiwi is a bit unmindful of danger so you have to be very extra careful if you see something harmful coming your way. Secondly, you fortunately possess the ability to invoke vines. If for instance you point your remote at any part of your screen while holding the A button, you will likely to create a vine. Thus if you continually press the button, that means that you ended the length at your preference. Furthermore, if you wish to anchor and adhere your vine in place then you have to let go of the button. Always remember that if you stretch your vine a bit too far then it'll snap instantly, thus you got only 3 vine available onscreen.

Use the vines to guide your little Kiwi on track and to be able to do this is you have to make a ramp that serves as a stair or a bridge to prevent her from falling in to holes or pits. Another useful thing that this vine can do to Ivy's search is to use it as a swing to hurl her into the surface. It's very interesting if your using your vine to aid Ivy, however, you must be very cautious as you might put her in a dangerous situation or place. You'll surely be satisfied as you become more adept in terms of aiding Ivy.

Aside from pits and stairs, there are bunches of impediments that surely be the reason of your failure, such as razor-sharp spikes and icy water that falls randomly from the ceiling, thus, your only option to avoid such threat from little Ivy is to manipulate your vines well. Unfortunately there are rodents that safeguards certain stages, but, you must not be alarm unless they show indication to harm your little Ivy. Additionally, Ivy will also encounter deadly Birds along the way and they constantly fly vertically or horizontally and will never be affected by your vines. So the only alternative here is to briskly dodge or shift direction to keep away from them, if you have enough confidence to use you spinning attack you will sure expel both rats and birds alike. Further to that, if you find blocks on your way, don't hesitate to use Ivy's slingshot attack hence it will eventually break the cubes into pieces. This little flightless bird can also push boulders barricading along the tracks.

It'll take hours to accomplish this 50-stage game depending on your goal and progress. Talking about awards, if you did well you'll surely earn medals; to obtain it-the equivalent to that would be the feathers you must keep on each level. If you are close to the final stage the chance of getting those feathers will be quite tough than the earlier stage. The good thing here is that, you can also play together with a second player where you have more vines in protecting little Ivy. Aside from that, it is also possible to play this game with four players,the same concept applies, each player must protect and guide their own little birds. You will soon fight against each other towards the end. The simple gameplay mechanic of Ivy the Tiwi as well as the visual and sound effects adds a lot of entertainment.

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August 24, 2010

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