Ju-On: The Grudge Wii User Review

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Super Gamer Dude

Nintendo Wii


The game begins with you investigating a haunted house with no more than your trusty flashlight. ItÂ’s in this first level that you begin to realize just how important a flashlight is when dealing with denizens from the afterlife, as your flashlight battery is almost immediately at a level where you need to find more batteries, now. As you wander around the ghost-ridden house trying to find more batteries, there are scares to be had, such as hands that appear from nowhere and try and grab you, or ghostly figures that appear on your screen.

Even though the scare tactics that are tried in the game quickly become second nature to deal with, that doesnÂ’t stop them from causing a momentary fright when they are upon you. ItÂ’s those little frights, happening over and over again, that will keep you playing through the game all the way to the conclusion, ninety minutes later.

The combat that is in this game is essentially nonexistent. Sometimes, a ghoul will grab you out of nowhere, usually with the musical soundtrack actually kicking up right then. You have a couple of seconds to shake the Wii Remote or else the creature will get you, but that is the extent of combat in this game. Other than that, the highlight of the game is moving around with your flashlight slowly running out of juice, looking for keys to unlock the next area. Honestly, if it wasnÂ’t for the zombieÂ’s and ghouls that look so similar to those in the movie, this game could have been called KeyQuest and the title would have been just as descriptive.

ItÂ’s actually a good thing, probably, that combat is so lacking in this game, because if combat was a large part of it, then the difficulty of moving about the game with a camera that is as finicky as this one is would probably make it impossible to play. For those that remember the original Silent Hill, you know what IÂ’m talking about. This is even worse, with the Wii control directly controlling the camera with its twist, and so therefore a small movement can have a huge impact.

This game is a horror adventure that is loosely based on the movie. The gameplay and story are nothing to write home about, but the game does do a good job of unnerving a player with the creepy visuals and audio. While itÂ’s not quite as creepy as sitting and watching a scary movie would be, if youÂ’ve got a night alone to sit and play a game in the dark, this could be the right one for you.