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Just Cause 2 (PC DVD) Review: The World Needs Just the Right Amount of Chaos.

Just Cause is a game of the third person shooter genre, coupled with amazing explosions. It is a game of guns blazing and firing all throughout. Together with its predecessor, the original Just Cause, it has its own technical problems that a user may encounter during the game. Read on and find the good and the ugly in this game.

The game revolves on high flying action scenes from flying on space to grappling a helicopter, hijacking an aircraft, blowing up some buildings and lots of adventure all throughout. I am already out of breath with excitement just saying the sample scenarios in the game; but for the character Rico Rodriguez a member and agent of an American spy agency called “THE AGENCY”, those are just normal occurrences.

The game story line and game play has its location in the island of Panau, where gangs are attempting to take control of the government from the corrupt officials. Rico on the other hand, must help these three gangs overthrow the corrupt government and then find his lost mentor named Sheldon. The story line of the game is not the focus of this game, but it’s still good enough.

Just Cause 2 presents a standard shooter’s game but it has its own distinctiveness as well. With the moves of Rico such as the grappling hook, it makes the game play a little special. The ability to perform grappling hooks helps Rico conserve ammos and eventually helps him to move from one place to another. Aside from this astonishing hook, Rico can also perform stunt parachute. It gives him the ultimate freedom of exploring. The combination of the hook and the parachute provides a new form of transportation for the character.

The game comes out well constructed with the two innovations of the gameplay. Basically, the approach of the game is free movements. The user has the option to use his given skills and attributes or he can harass others such as hijack an automobile or anything that can be used, depending on the purpose. The creators of Just Cause 2 firmly believe that the gamers like this game because of its style of gameplay. It is like watching an action-packed movie. Some of the events are not realistic; but the fantastic features are exactly what make it so appealing.

The game is not all fun, though. There are some difficulties over the controls and the mission or quests are sometimes disappointing. The creators also flopped on the cut scenes in the game because they were created to be repetitive. It is a game where you can die most of the time yet it has little checkpoints; which results in starting all over again. The save feature of the game – or the lack of it - is very frustrating. It disrupts the continuous approach style of the game as you always go back to where you started in your mission.

The creators of the game may have created the game instantly without undergoing the polishing activities that remove bugs and fixes in the game. There are actually some unfinished dialogues during the cut scenes, which make the whole game ridiculous at times.

Overall though, the game can bring you a lot of adrenaline rush. Despite its downside, it is a game that can truly be enjoyed, especially by gamers who get their kick from action-packed games.