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If you have played the first game you will find this game has been drastically improved. It is a 3rd person shooter packed with tons and tons of explosions. This game is one of the funniest open world games I have played in a long time. You will be controlling a Rico Rodriguez who is an agent (for an agency in American called "The Agency"). So in this game you will find yourself in Panau, a city in southeast Asia. You are looking for a friend Tom Sheldon who has went missing suddenly. No one is sure if he is dead or alive.

So the ultimate goal is to overthrow the current dictator. You are going to achieve that by doing "work" for three factions on this island. This is going to cause a great deal of chaos and earn you money along the way. Don't worry that the game is not the main focal point, so don't take it to seriously. For instance, you are attacked by ninjas equipped with Uzis, huh, what’s that all about?

The key element that sets this game apart from the others is the grappling hook. It is awesome and I find a million ways to use it. For instance, let’s say there is a sniper on the roof. Why not shoot your grappling hook at his feet and yank him off the edge. He will then go crashing down to his death. It saves ammo too. Another great thing I did was attach a car to a helicopter and fly around the town. Trust me there are endless things you can do with this grappling hook.

Another great feature that sets this game apart from any other third person shooter is the parachute. You can jump off a cliff at anytime for an easy escape. That and my favorite is blasting people on the way down. There are tons and tons of weapons you can use in this game, even a rocket launcher. As if all the options in the game aren't enough there are even more than one hundred vehicles to choose from.

This game just offers a ton of freedom. You can play anyway you want too. I really do believe this is one of the best free-roming games I have played in a long time. It is not perfect in the aspect that the storyline really isn't anything to pay serious attention too. The lasting appeal from this game is just great though. It has tons and tons of "Hollywood" style cut scenes and the gameplay graphics are epic throughout, all in all I was pleased with the game.

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I could probably only tell you the basic plot of Just Cause 2 if I had to. It is not because the story was bad or anything, but rather it just seemed to be in the way of blowing everything up. That pretty much sums it up, Just Cause 2 is an open word action game with a ok story to it, but you won't really remember it because you will be too busy grappling hook parachuting off of cars.

Just Cause 2 isn't that different than the original Just Cause. You star as Rico Rodriguez, a general action hero, who is dropped off on a tropical island in order to stop the bad guys. The beauty of all this is that after the first 3-4 missions you can achieve that goal whenever and however you want to. The island becomes the proverbial "sandbox" that you are free to roam. You unlock all more missions by creating chaos. The basic premise of how this works is you find one of the bad guys buildings and blow it up. If you blow it up more impressively than you earn even more chaos. Chaos is what moves the game forward and chaos is what moves you to play more.

Visually speaking, the Island of Panau is stunning. Most games made with a decent budget these days tend to look good, but Just Cause does a fantastic job of making all its diverse environments(jungles, snow topped mountains, deserts) really pop. Overall you can really see all the texture and detail that the designers have put into the 400 square mile environment. They were also considerate enough to add over 100 different types of vehicles (cars, boats and planes) to make traveling around Panau that much easier.

There are some sand box style games out there that try to restrict you in the beginning. The strength of Just Cause 2 is that they do the exact opposite of that. They give you total freedom and let you find your own way. Want to do some side missions? Sure, go ahead. How about you just feel like running around and exploring? That is fine too. The control scheme used to control Rico works incredibly well, you can deploy his grappling hook with one click and fly in that direction, while another button will instantly deploy his parachute. This makes getting away from your pursuers (probably mad at you for blowing up there communications tower) a lot more fun and enjoyable than it probably should be. It never gets tiresome driving at high speeds off a cliff and releasing your parachute in mid air to glide into the safety of the ocean.

Overall, I completed the main story and side missions in 35hrs. That does not mean I have stopped playing the game. I currently have 70hrs logged and am still only around 50% completion of all the challenges that are offered. That is not a problem though, since I am not opposed to more grappling hook parachuting explosion filled fun times!