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October 07, 2011

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Just Dance 3 contains over 45 tracks from a variety of your favorite pop, rap, and rock stars, it's easy to find beats in this game that will make you want to get up and dance. Follow along and shake it to gems like Katy Perry's "California Gurls," LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem," and "Pump It" from the Black Eyed Peas. Become a part of the action as you follow the dancers' moves and get points and stars along the way. Even if you don't feel like dancing, you can turn on the Wii and sing along to your favorite songs thanks to the lyrics that are displayed for every dance tune. All you need to play is one Wii mote for each player. This version offers you several different gaming modes to enjoy the music.

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Do you like to Dance? Are you good at dancing? You only have to answer yes to the first question in order to really enjoy Just Dance 3 on the Wii. I admit that I have not played the previous 2 Just Dance games, I just assume they run pretty much along the same lines, but I was more than satisfied with my experience in playing Just Dance 3. If you don't wish to dance you can always sing along with the on screen lyrics turning the game into a karaoke machine. Or you can watch the background imagery change as others are put through individually choreographed dance routines.

Just Dance 3 has its controls scheme sorted out pretty solidly. All the player has to do is use the wii-mote to mimic what they see on the screen in front of them. This simple gesturing is all that is required so why bother to even dance at all when you could just sit there and only move your arm? The simple answer is that it's not that much fun doing that, and the bigger answer is why would you buy a dance game and not actually dance? Get out there and have some fun with it! Unlike Dance Central for the Kinect, the motion detection of Just Dance 3 is far more forgiving. Dance Central is a better game for learning how to dance but can also be quite frustrating. Just Dance 3 is a better game that anyone can just pick up and play without worrying too much about their performance adversely affecting their enjoyment.

The song track listing is the key to any rhythm based music and dance game and can make or break it. Just Dance 3 has a solid more than forty songs that offer a wide range and variety and so there is a little something for almost everyone, there is enough diversity so that nearly all tastes in modern popular music and dance are represented. Also the game's achievement system offers you more songs once you excel at dancing to the songs initially provided. This system is a sensible way to reward players who put a little more effort into their performances. The addition of several songs to download on the Wii-store ensure that players can keep their playlists fresh.

Multiplayer is easily the biggest strength Just Dance 3 has to offer. The duet mode allows up to 4 players with 4 different sets of dance moves to hit the floor, making it great for parties of nearly any size.

The Just sweat mode offers a style aimed more at fitness through dance and allows the player to throw themselves into the music and get sweat points in return. While sweat points aren't exactly an accurate measure of calories burnt, they do at least offer a numeric system that someone can use as a gauge or comparison. Other modes include Classic, Medley and Simon Says.

Overall, Just Dance 3 is an enjoyable game when played alone and really shines when you bring it out at a party. It's pretty easy to pickup and learn and should definitely be considered by those who are looking for a great social game to entertain themselves along with their friends and family.

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October 07, 2011

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