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Just Dance 4 is another interesting game that has made its mark as a one-of-a-kind series of games. Gameplay is the same as ever, with additions made to certain modes, but Just Dance 4 doesn't have a whole lot to offer over its predecessors. The game features an excellent song list, the changes have been improvements and if you're a fan of the series this will be a must-have game for you.

When I say that the game has an excellent song list, I don't mean that all of the songs appeal to my personal tastes. And that's just the point. The game features over 50 tracks (using DLC and unlockable music) that will appeal to a wide range of audiences, and it's obvious that the makers of Just Dance 4 over at Ubisoft are trying to expand their market. The only real fault with their song selection is that every song on it has been wildly popular at one time or another; they apparently decided that popularity (or past popularity) indicated quality in all cases when they were selecting songs.

There isn't really anything specific that sets this game apart from previous titles, but what changes have been made are improvements. The game now features a head-to-head Battle Mode, which is awesome because it shows off the true strength of the game; multiplayer gaming. There has also been some expansion to the "Just Sweat" workout feature. Other modes and features have been removed, such as the "on fire" in-game mechanic previously earned by getting a certain number of "goods" and "perfects" in a row. Simon Says Mode, Playlists, Medley, Speed-Shuffle, Just 8-Player and Just Create modes have all been dropped.

Players of the game now have "Song Quests," which entail six missions per song to earn Mojo Points. PlayStation 3 players can also create "dancer cards" that display relevant information such as favorite songs, best scores, etc.

Negative opinions about the game seem to come from the two-mode playing structure, which doesn't leave a lot of reason to buy the game if you have any previous installments in the series. In this sense, it may have been a mistake for Ubisoft not to include the extra modes found in past games. Despite this, many critics and players have indicated that the game is a lot of fun to play, especially with other people.

Just Dance 4 was released to mostly good critical reviews, although not many have chosen to review the game. This is possibly due to the similarity to previous titles. Metacritic gave it an aggregate score of 77/100, but it must be pointed out that all except one of the cited reviews came from the Official PlayStation Magazine. The different reviews came from different countries that the magazine prints in, and scored the game at 80, 80, 80 and 70/100, with the lowest score coming from the United States iteration of the publication. User reviews gave the game a score of 58/100.