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History was made in September 2006 when Nintendo released their new game console Wii that has taken the hearts of many gamers around the globe. Its innovative way of playing is so refreshing that they are must-haves for every household. It is so much fun to use because it’s interactive; which also presents a challenge for the producers because they have to constantly think of games that would be good entertainment for just about everyone.

Today, they have moved a level up with the introduction of their newest dance craze Just Dance. There was a time when dancing was so popular in arcades and later on found their way to households using dance pads, otherwise known as dance mats or dance platforms. Last year, Wii released its own version of dancing, Just Dance.

Just Dance functions on a different level because you don’t have to push buttons and unlock levels or any progression of that kind. All you have to do is - just dance. You just have to follow the dancer on your screen doing the actual steps to the beat of the song. This Wii game offers songs from different genres with a wide range of difficulties from easy to the most difficult.

Being a first, the game has areas that they could definitely improve upon. Generally, dancing has to be perfect in timing and execution; and the same goes for Just Dance. People who are into dancing or what you would call “natural” find it quite easy to follow the tempo and the dance steps; but for beginners or those who haven’t really done much dancing it can be quite a problem.

Likewise, some find it challenging enough as points is given for every step correctly followed and you get a total score at the end of the song. Others just find it simply boring. If not for the “red light/green light, Strike-A-Pose” point system of elimination, where the Last One Standing is declared the winner, there really is nothing to do that resembles a challenge. You can, in fact, easily memorize the moves and steps and just flail away.

Just Dance could have also fared better with the graphics and layout department. The dancers are dressed appropriately according to the song and everything is colorful and vibrant but the “main characters” you have to mimic are just silhouettes, which could have been more realistic if they didn’t appear like shadows. The design is overly simple where they could have added more creativity to improve it.

With all these flaws, the game can still be great entertainment as a family activity or when you want to keep guests occupied. It can be quite competitive for small group gatherings with the multiplayer phase which allows up to four players to dance off and see who’s the greatest. It can be a delightful experience for “bonding moments” where happy memories are made to last a lifetime. But if you’re not the sentimental type, this might not be your cup of tea.

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Nintendo Wii


There are some who dance for the sheer joy of dancing, while others do so to keep themselves physically fit. Just Dance is one game, or entertaining application, that provides for both such enthusiasts. For those who have played other versions of dance games, this game is more up to date musically and contains artists like Katy Perry, Dee Lite, and others whose songs make up around 30 tracks. However, there is much more to this game than just the songs, good as they may be.

Naturally, the game of Just Dance in its entire version requires the Nintendo Wii accessory. The game CD needs to be placed into the Nintendo Wii console, and the remote controller in hand is all that one needs to groove to the music. The display to which the Nintendo Wii console is connected to would display a neon lit figure generated that dances to the music being played. The player has to emote the movements or motion of this figure. There is no instruction set that comes with the game, and there is no need for it, as the entire game play is quite self explanatory. The dancer receives no disheartening or demoralizing end results. What is received is just a star rating that ranges from one to five which the dancer gets to see at the end of the dance sequence.

The controller is held in the hand of the dancer or gamer, which senses the dance movement. There might be the thought that just swinging the hand and not the legs or body would be the best way to cheat the game. Players would soon realize that this is not true. The Nintendo Wii based Just Dance game play requires the correct movement of the hands legs and body in totality to get the rating of self satisfaction.

One can also get multiple remote controllers of the Nintendo Wii console, and then Just Dance turns into a multiple player game or a family game of dance and drama. Four gamers or dance enthusiasts can play the game simultaneously. They would naturally compete with each other to check out who gets a higher or better star rating. Another option is to have one player as the controller who decides the next step that the other players must take. The players must then be able to follow the directions. There is fun in watching others possibly mixing up the steps. This creates the sense of drama that the multiplayer version has in it.

With the Nintendo Wii console and remote in hand, the game of Just Dance is converted into something that makes the family get up from lazing on the couch and join in an action of fun and frolic. Whether or not it also helps one become a dancer with no formal training or trainer involved is another matter.