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November 13, 2007

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Kane & Lynch: Dead Men for Microsoft Xbox 360 is a cooperative third-person shooter with options for single- or multi-player modes. Developed by IO Interactive, Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is a successor to Freedom Fighters and a follow-up game to Hitman: Blood Money. Rated M for mature audiences over the age of 17, Kane & Lynch: Dead Men features blood, references to drugs and drug use, intense violence, and strong language. In Kane & Lynch: Dead Men for Xbox, the main characters are kidnapped from Death Row by The Seven, an international terrorist group. The Seven recruit Kane and Lynch to accomplish missions around the world. Players learn how these two ended up on Death Row through character flashbacks during dangerous situations in this cooperative third-person shooter.

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The story starts with Kane, an inmate under a death row. With the help of Lynch in the prison, they busted out of prison. But it turns out that Lynch was sent by the remaining The 7 members. They told Lynch to follow and observe Kane for any unusual behavior. The 7 claimed that Kane get something that belongs to them and they need it back or else they will kill Kane’s significant persons. But later on the game there is a twist where the characters became revengeful.

Revenge is actually a far cry to the behavior of the characters because they are all mean and destructive and it is difficult to care with such kind of character. No one cares who gets the revenge. The game can be played with only one player but can also be two players with a split screen but it will be hard to follow the scenes.

In shooting, there is difficulty in targeting specifically the enemy because the blast has a wide diameter spread. There is no life meter. When the player gets hit, he immediately fall but will not die. The teammates must give him an adrenaline shot but if not calculated he can die of overdose and if not given immediately he will also die. This applies to all members of the team. If the member is not attended immediately, he will die and the game will be over.

If you have a weak team which depends on you versus the sharp planning of the enemy, it will be a lousy match. The game in multiplayer is composed of robbing banks, jewelry shops and illegal drugs. Where the players share the money depending on the amount of work each contributes during the operation. Also, anyone can turn their back to the team or run away with the money. The game is also no suspense because the player can see the enemy’s name written above the head even if it is still in the next room but the player can hide under so that he can’t be seen.

The good part of the game is that the sound effects vary from different situation. There is also lots of voice over and the vocals fit every character. The dialogue consists mostly of cursing that becomes really exaggerated. The game has a lousy script and some mechanics of the game is just so ridiculous at times. It is not considered a smart buy.

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November 13, 2007

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