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May 14, 2009

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Killing Floor drops gamers in the midst of an English landscape left devastated after a series of military cloning experiments goes awry. There are nine different kinds of monsters to kill, ranging from unarmed flesh-eaters to military-force mutants packing chain-guns and rocket-launchers, and as many as six players can band together, using welders, medical tools, body armor, and over a dozen different weapons to fend off the beasts. Killing Floor includes more than 40 "Steam Achievements" recognizing significant in-game accomplishments, and the "Persistent Perks" system lets players use those achievement to permanently improve their characters.

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Six players at one given time, this Killing Floor PC game is something to share with the buddies, even if the game could go on for a month. A month? Yeah! Definitely! Tripwire Interactive released the Killing Floor PC game that has managed to grab the attention of team players worldwide. It is a classic shooting and killing, violently graphic PC game that is highly interactive.

The game is all about Zombies which have taken over the virtual world. This is a great and fun game that can be an alternative game choice for multiple players who are tired on similar games and want to experience something new altogether.

The setting is in London where there has been an overwhelming devastation brought about on the population. The zombies are eating and killing and converting so many people; many live people are getting converted to the man-eating undead. They were not a product of a virus or disease; instead they were the product of an experiment of a biotech company. Obviously the zombies were able to escape their prison and decimated an entire population.

Thanks to the attacks, many were left dead, but then characters like the player, meaning yourself, have been left within the city limits, left to fend for themselves, struggling to survive the cruelties of zombie attacks. Friends, lovers, and family members have all succumbed to the deadly undead and you are there to fight them off, you and your rag tag army of players.

Each of the six players, four soldiers and two policemen, have their own individualities in the virtual world. The players are so graphically weird that the idiosyncrasies and psychosis of the characters are evident in each. That is how ‘real’ this game can be. so it can be quite engrossing for many players who like to role play as much as they want to shoot and kill indiscriminately. Is there even logic to this game? Yes, there is, keeping the characters alive and trying to rid the city of the zombies! It’s important!

The great thing about this game is that the program does not dictate the personality of the characters chosen. The player can have several choices on which weird personality disorder they want to include into their role which should help them overcome the battles and rise from level 0 to higher and more efficient ones.
Weapons can be chosen which should be useful for the survival of the character. There are 5 levels in total, and the higher the level achieved by the character, the more abilities they have, the more endurance and the more fighting power.

All in all, the Killing Floor is a great multiplayer or single player game that can be downloaded into the PC and played till the sun and moon have met. Literally. There is a lot of anticipation, a lot of violence and a lot of creatures to kill. But be careful, do not get trapped alone with so many surrounding you, your character might not make it. But then again, you can just reboot and continue on to the next.

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May 14, 2009

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