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November 15, 2011

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Kinect: Disneyland Adventures will allow children and Disney fans of all ages to explore Disneyland park, enjoy immersive adventures based on popular attractions, engage in challenging quests, and interact with beloved Disney characters using their full bodies and voices, no controller required. Players will experience your favorite Disneyland attractions as immersive adventures - explore Neverland at Peter Pan's side and take up your sword to fight Captain Hook, battle your way to the island in Pirates of the Caribbean or partner with a friend to escape the Yetis in the Matterhorn.

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Kinect Disneyland Adventures allows you to take a virtual tour of the Disneyland Theme Park, and you are guided around the park, compliments of the Golden Ticket, and using the Kinect you are allowed to walk freely all over the site. There are also missions which you must complete whilst you are on your tour of the area, and some of these involve meeting various characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy, just a few of the best known comic creations ever created.

There are numerous adventures and missions during your stay in the park, for instance, riding a bobsleigh, which by controlling goofy you need to sway from side to side to avoid any obstacles that happen to be whizzing past. Other animated missions include snow ball fights with yetis and underwater missions where you have to wave your arms in a swimming motion to navigate through the underwater worlds.

Unlike many other titles they have left out the option to allow players to create a unique character for themselves, but they do give you an option to be able to customize various characters which are included in the game. I thought this was a pretty standard feature and I am not sure why they left the option out. During the game you also get options, after completing certain missions, to obtain badges, to gain an overall star rating. You also have the option to purchase unusual costumes and so forth from the numerous virtual shops.

The sound in the game is pretty good, in fact some of the best I have heard on the xbox 360 Kinect. The overall movement with the Kinect seems to work remarkably well on Disneyland Adventures.

The game has an age range of around 7 -10 and older gamers might end up struggling to be able to stay interested in the game, even though there are numerous missions and collectables as well as lots of character interaction. The game is free roaming and as a result you often find yourself walking great distances in order to go from one mission to another, and this with the addition character missions leads to the claim that it has upwards of 100 hours of gameplay. That rather depends on the player!

Having played Disneyland Adventures I would agree with this, mainly the 100 hours is down to the sheer size of the Theme Park, and the constant traveling required in order to explore all the missions and obtain all the badges located in the game.

Overall it is hard to make an overall impression on this game as it is kind of a hit a miss, some grown ups will find amusement here whilst others will not be able to stay engaged. A younger user may find much more entertainment as the game is more geared towards the younger generation of game players.

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Release Date:

November 15, 2011

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