King Oddball - PlayStation 4 Cheats

Unlockable Trophies.

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King Oddball PlayStation 4 Trophies

Complete the indicated tasks below in order to unlock the corresponding trophies within the game.

All Birds with One Stone... Complete a level using only one rock. (Bronze)
Destroyer of a Thousand... Destroy a thousand enemies. (Bronze)
Four for One... Destroy four enemies with one throw. (Bronze)
Full of Diamonds... Collect all diamonds in Hall of Diamonds. (Gold)
Golden Five... Gain five extra rocks during a level. (Bronze)
Grenadier... Complete all Grenade Levels. (Bronze)
Head Shot!... Hit the King with a rock. (Bronze)
Headache... Hit the King with a rock three times during a level. (Bronze)
Kingslayer... Kill the King. (Bronze)
More Than Perfect!... Complete a level with one rock and gain more than one extra rock. (Bronze)
Secret Moustache World Find and complete the Secret Moustache World! (Bronze)
Six Pack... Destroy six enemies with one throw. (Bronze)
Stash of 'Stache... Complete the Stash! (Bronze)
Thousand Throws... Throw a thousand projectiles. (Bronze)
World Ender... End the World. (Bronze)
You Rock!... Complete all One Rock Levels. (Bronze)