Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Mastery Edition Cheats

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Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance Collector's Edition.

Boss Replay Mode.
You must successfully complete the game and save when prompted. To fight a previously
defeated Boss you must return to the area of the world where it originally appeared.
A link portal titled "Secret" will appear at the bottom.

Critical Mode.
Successfully complete the game to unlock the Critical Mode.

New Game+ Mode.
Successfully complete the game and then save when prompted. Start a second playthrough
and you will be prompted to transfer your previously saved data. In this mode, the Spirits
you have made are reset to Level 1, as well as some sections in the Reports (Story,
Character Files, Trophies, and Glossary), and the Mementos section.

Note: Only recipes are carried over from your items.

Theater Mode.
Successfully complete the game to unlock Theater mode.

Bonus Boss.
Successfully complete the game, then go to the fountain area in Traverse Town
to fight a hidden Boss.

Flick Rush Cups.
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding cup at the
Flick Rush Colosseum in the Fourth District:-

Beginner's Cup: Win the Training Cup.
Digital Cup: Finish The Grid.
Final Cup: Finish the Symphony Of Sorcery.
Horror Cup: Reach Flick Rush Rank 15.
Rainbow Cup: Finish Prankster's Paradise.
Secret Cup: Reach Flick Rush Rank 17.
Speed Cup: Win the Rainbow Cup.
Tin Pin Cup: Win the Rainbow Cup.
Yummy Cup: Finish your second visit to Traverse Town.

Alternate Ending.
Earn seven trophies in Standard mode or five trophies in Proud mode to view an alternate ending.

Theater Mode Secret Ending.
Earn the following number of trophies: ten in Beginner mode; or seven in Standard mode; or
five in Proud mode; or successfully complete Critical mode. Then, correctly answer the three
questions given to Riku at the end. The correct answers are:

1. Losing something that's important (third option).
2. My friends (second option).
3. To find something important (second option).

Then, unlock the "Secret Message" during the credits by collecting the gold letters during
Sora's credit dive until the message "Secret Message Unlocked" is created. Save the game,
then reload it. A message will now appear, stating that you unlocked the secret ending
in Theater mode.