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February 22, 2011

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Knights Contract has you guiding immortal executioner Henrich and resurrected witch Gretchen from a third-person perspective. The two are pressed into battle primarily to rid the land of evil witches that are threatening the local population. Yet the relationship between Henrich and Gretchen is far from cordial. Henrich originally killed Gretchen, but not before she cursed him. To end the curse, Henrich agrees to help the resurrected Gretchen in a quest to stop her fellow witches from upending the world. Henrich wields a giant scythe while Gretchen uses spells to defeat an assortment of dark creatures.

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Knight’s Contract is an enjoyable mixture of both physical as well as whimsical attacks that have capability of brutal finishing. It comes with cruel boss creatures and an interesting storyline. However, the bad side of this game is in its extreme quick-time events and annoying boss battles. Apart from that, the pacing is uneven with some clumsy phasing.

Knight’s Contract lets gamers play as the immortal Heinrich, the executioner. You will be accompanied by Gretchen, a witch that seeks his kin and who are supporting Heinrich with deadly spells. Beware of their combined power and get ready to game with powers. Playing with immortality is really a difficult thing to accomplish. The two nemeses are absolutely devoted to ruin the mortals.

Do not worry, you will be Heinrich. You play as him all throughout the game. You can clear your way through enemies by making use of weapons, which is partly scythe, partly hammer, and partly switchblade. It is easy to use combinations in this game. You can start with light then lots of grave attacks. When it comes to the complexity of the game, Knight’s Contract is not over complex. There are rewards you may get, too.

The Knight’s Contract will never be a satisfying game without the company of Gretchen. She can lend the whimsical prowess to the player. She will never become a baggage to the player because she can defend herself well with her spells. Vines and spikes will rain when the attacks occur. You can enlarge the scythe from a smaller to a bigger one and can hit with four times the intensity of the smaller scythe. It is easy to hold opponents because, apart from physical prowess, you have magic. Needless to say, not all enemies are magic-vulnerable, but if you found the right spell, battling with them is simple. You will accumulate souls once you kill an enemy. A single armament will turn into many swords that will sway after the enemy in the fighting arena.

It is very gratifying to attack enemies with magic and physical skills. Once you have made an assault and the enemy has turned weak, there is a prompt that will make you choose which finishing style you like. Your combo rating will boost if you pick right finisher stance. Heinrich’s gestures seem so simple, but it will shift into a minatour that will render large ruin in an instance. Gretchen, on the other hand, appears so demur, but if you choose her, he can make all foes vanish from the screen. Albeit for her skills, Gretchen is susceptible to assaults. Keep her guarded since once Gretchen dies, the game is over. Once she needs health rejuvenation, you can have her in your arms and carry her around. You cannot utilize a magic once Gretchen is far from you.

The Knight’s Contract is a hot piece when the boss fights rise to being impressive. The foes are artistically created with the one eyeballed or three-legged beings. With dynamic stepping and increased boss fights, Knight’s Contract is absolutely a worthy escapade. The stylish design and the available interesting prompts with magic will make you enjoy the game very much.

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February 22, 2011

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