Tomb Raider: Legend - Xbox 360

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April 11, 2006

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Xbox 360 DS PSP

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Lara Croft is finally back in the first game to do her legacy justice since the days of the original PlayStation. With updated graphics and gameplay, and a whole new suite of moves and equipment this is the sequel fans have always demanded.

After the disappointment of Angel of Darkness, the Tomb Raider series has gone back to basics with a new developer and even a new Lara. Combat is back to being only around a third of the game with everything else centered on platform jumping and puzzle solving. To help this, there's a canny new movement system that allows Lara to jump onto and grab objects at an angle, so there's none of the awkward grid based movement of the earlier games. This is also the first Tomb Raider to have a proper physics engine, with lots of the puzzles revolving around movement and the use of Lara's natty new magnetic grappling hook. The graphics are also excellent, and with input from the original creator this is a long awaited return to form.

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Eidos Interactive

Release Date:

April 11, 2006

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