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September 14, 2010

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Legend of the Guardians is attractive and accessible, but even the most patient younger demographics will ultimately grow bored when this is over. I would not recommend this game to anyone.

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Xbox 360


Swinging down from this yearÂ’s release of author Kathryn LaskyÂ’s book turned movie that explores the secret lives of our seemingly intelligent and graceful feathered friends. The Legend of the Guardians is pretty much your usual kid-friendly video game tie in. This game didn't really hold my attention or my sons attention either, as you will learn in this review.

As the young owl Shard, a character made exclusively for this game. ShardÂ’s father was wrongfully accused of betrayal by the residents of the Giant Tree and it is now up to you to save him. Unlike the film, this is an all original story so fans of the movie and the books might be disappointed as some of their beloved characters only show up as cameos in the game. Another thing to point out is, the story requires the gamers to have a little background with the story else they might get confused and left in the dark over the gaping plotlines.

Being owls, you spend the entire game flying in the air. Combat is simple, you hold a bumper to lock a target (an enemy, a defensive tower or an object) and press a button to attack. You have two-attacks, one standard attack and one that breaks through enemy armor. You can give yourself a quick burst of speed and order a wingman to attack a particular target. Both of these actions are dependent on filling your prowess meter by defeating enemies and performing dives.

The battles are fun while complementing the graphics. One can string some combos by locking on an enemy fiend and pressing the attack button to wallop them with your claws, possibly stinging more and more combos till your talons start to flame. Boss fights are fun as well though do become super-easy. Some just even require you to just attack longer rather than demonstrate skills or strategies in taking them down and this is where the game starts to show its weaknesses.

Despite unlocking some armors and upgrades, the game boils down to pressing a button over and over again. The same goes for the overly frustrating fly-through-rings sequences. Even the combat doesnÂ’t work well sometimes as pressing a wrong button when the prompt to press a button to evade just pops out as youÂ’re initiating an attack. Special attacks wherein you tangle with a foe the ground look great but can sometimes be disorienting and can cause you to crash on cliffs.

There are some unlock-able mission areas to explore as you complete each set of story objectives, though these missions don't stray from the simple tasks that you frequently perform in the main campaign. For a expensive game, it clocks in at about three hours, the simple mechanics and repetitive missions lead to monotony long before you reach that final hour. Legend of the Guardians is attractive and accessible, but even the most patient younger demographics will ultimately grow bored when this is over. I would not recommend this game to anyone.

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September 14, 2010

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