LEGO Batman: The Videogame PSP User Review

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Sony PSP


LEGO Batman The Videogame features a game that is split into three separate chapters. Each of these chapters introduces a different group of super villains. You will be controlling the dynamic duo on a fixed-perspective action platformer as they do their job as crime busters. You get to grab and throw thugs as well as use “batarangs” which is a huge attack that deals much more damage to your enemies than the usual grab-and-throw move.

For the story mode of game, you only get to play as Batman and Robin all throughout. However, a variation has been made for your characters as you move along each level. You can now upgrade your characters with extras such as glass-shattering sonic weapons, magnetic boots, heat resistance gadgets, and many more. These add-ons pretty much does a well job in beating the villains- specially bosses. The bosses include Mr. Freeze who uses a gun that can freeze anything, a brute monster that posses super strength, a genius professor that uses mind control, and so on.

Throughout the game you will be ending up with funny scenes, situations, characters, lines which ensure that you will be having so much fun and laughter while you do the beating and smashing. On the game, you will also be collecting objects and endless array of Lego studs that can sure make the experience addictive. This game features a basic gameplay that was designed especially for the family and for anyone of any age.

Since your characters are made out of lego blocks, be sure that all the environment will be made of the same material as well; providing you with a cute and friendly atmosphere. The game also features a good audio that suits the story lines and the personality of each of the characters. This game definitely deserves to be in the market because its basic gameplay is so effortlessly entertaining.