LEGO Batman: The Videogame - PS3 Cheats


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LEGO Batman: The Videogame PS3 passwords.

Character passwords :-Entered at the Bat Cave.
JRY983 Policeman Officer
BDJ327 Bruce Wayne
NJL412 Yeti
CCB199 The Joker (Tropical)
JKR331 BatGirl
ZAQ637 Alfred
XVK541 Freeze Girl
KJP748 Penguin Minion
DDP967 Commissioner Gordon
MVY759 Nightwing
UTF782 Joker Goon
NJL412 Freeze Henchman
BJH782 Penguin Henchmen
HTF114 S.W.A.T.
HGY748 Fishmonger
MKL382 Military Policeman
PLB946 Security Guard
JFL786 Scientist
NAV592 Sailor
HKG984 Police Marksman
M1AAWW Catwoman (Classic)
NYU942 Man-Bat
JCA283 Mad Hatter
GTB899 Poison Ivy Goon
DWR243 Zoo Sweeper
CRY928 Riddler Goon
XEU824 Riddler Henchman
NKA238 Penguin Goon
YUN924 Joker Henchman
HJK327 Clown Goon

Suit Upgrade Passwords:-Entered at the Bat Cave Computer.

RM4PR8 Fast Grapple (All Suits)
JRBDCB Fast Batarangs (All Suits)
XWP645 More Batarang Targets (All Suits)
D8NYWH Flaming Batarang (Heat Protection Suit)
BBD7BY Glide Slam (Glide Suit)
TNTN6B More Detonators (Demolition Suit)
N8JZEK Armor Plating (Demolition Suit)
THTL4X Sonic Pain (Sonic Suit)
TL3EKT Area Effect (Sonic Suit)
XFP4E2 Bats (Sonic Suit)
XPN4NG Freeze Batarang (Water Suit)
TQ09K3 Decoy (Technology Suit)
ZOLM6N Fast Walk (Magnet Suit)
EVG26J Faster Pieces(Attract Suit)
KHJ544 Piece Detector (Attract Suit)

Power Brick Extras:-Entered at Bat Cave or Arkham Asylum Computer.

YK4TPH Silhouettes
RAFTU8 Beep Beep
KLKL4G Ice Rink
GEC3MD Disguise
EWAW7W Extra Toggle
N4NR3E Score x2
CX9MAT Score x4
MLVNF2 Score x6
WCCDB9 Score x8
18HW07 Score x10
LK2DY4 Stud Magnet
DY13DB Character Studs
ZXGH9J Minikit Detector
MMN786 Power Brick Detector
9LRGNB Always Score Multiply
GHJ2DY Fast Build
JXUDY6 Immune To Freeze
HJH7HJ Regenerate Hearts
ML3KHP Extra Hearts
WYD5CP Invincibility

Vehicles:-Entered at the Bat Cave or Arkham Asylum Computer.
KJL832 Police Car
LJP234 Police Bike
MAC788 Police Van
KNTT4B Bat-Tank
HPL826 Catwoman's Motorcycle
EFE933 Two-Face's Armored Truck
BCT229 Mr. Freeze's Kart
RDT637 Harley Quinn's Hammer Truck
JUK657 The Jokers Van
DUS483 Garbage Truck
TTF453 Robin's Submarine
VJD328 Police Watercraft
PLC999 Police Boat
BTN248 Penguin Goon Submarine
ICYICE Mr. Freeze's Iceberg
M4DM4N Mad Hatter's Steamboat
CHP735 Harbor Helicopter
CWR732 Police Helicopter
LEA664 Bruce Wayne's Private Jet
GCH328 Goon Helicopter
HAHAHA Riddler's Jet
HS000W Mad Hatter's Glider