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LEGO Batman is the fifth go of Traveller's Tales at the LEGO theme but still only minimal change has happened during this time. However, even if that is the situation, gamers and fans of the dark-caped crusader, are sure to find the game amusing. The main reason here is that the gameplay used is a proven success. It is enjoyable and easy to understand. Yet all the problems in the past concerning the LEGO games, such as nonsense puzzles and the AI problem are still present. At this stage you would have expected Traveller's Tales to nearly perfect the game, but that is not so.

LEGO Batman is a unique game because it did not take its story from any of the Batman movies or from the comics. The plot within the game is kind of original; thus, it gives the creators a wide horizon, since there is no pressure to follow up with a well known story. The Batman here is not even connected with the Batman we know. It is exactly like a Batman in the toy shelf where you can create anything you desire with it.

The main idea of the plot is basically a story of Batman chasing and capturing villains that escaped from the Arkham Asylum. When you play LEGO Batman, the main goal is basically to destroy enemies and smash objects. The story isn't all that important.

The charm of LEGO is still present in the game and as a whole, it is still very funny. You have the same stoic Batman here, Robin is still same old goofy self, and the villains have remained amazingly crazy. The characters are really good LEGO counterparts of the cartoon Batman. However, aside from the characters, the background is not something to get crazy about. It would have been better to see a more creative Gotham City.

To the game's credit, LEGO Batman has everything in the mix. There are a multitude of characters spread out in six acts. In the first half you can use Batman and Robin. There are also power suits you can use. Robin can use the magnetic suit that allows him to walk through metal walls. And Batman has the demolition suit so he can turn stuff into smithereens in an instant (this fits Batman, he always wants everybody's attention, right?).

When you reach act three to six, you may start using the villains. In this plot, you can have a taste of how the sinister villains set up their master plan. This, however, is before the ultimate meeting between them and the bat. Each villain has their own unique powers. Poison Ivy uses her kiss to poison another. The joker gives joybuzzers to anyone he touches. Mr. Freeze places anyone in the cold storage. The Riddler controls the minds of other villains to make them his minions. You know the rest. But the main Batman Nemesis here is Killer Moth. Oh yes, the all popular Killer Moth that everybody remembers (That was an attempt at sarcasm, by the way. No one really knows who Killer Moth is or was.)

And on top of the story, there are dozens of unlockable characters that can be used when replaying levels. Among these characters are Night Wing, Batgirl, Hush, Man-Bat and others; which can be unlocked with each LEGO bit collected in the game (Cool, huh!)

There are many good things going for this game. The huge downside is that the problem from the previous LEGO games was never addressed. The AI presents problems; the jumps are difficult to time and stuff like that. But if you are looking for a good laugh with a buddy while appreciating the comical Batman and friends the game has created, then by all means, go ahead and purchase the game!

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Lego Batman is the latest in the Lego video game series from developer Traveller's Tales. It's the 5th entry in a series that has taken on other venerable Hollywood favorites like Star Wars and Indiana Jones. It offers almost nothing new as far as gameplay, which is both a positive and a negative. Fans of the series will be able to jump right in but it's a combat system that's also starting to feel a bit dated. All of the typical Lego humor and charm is still there but the game is still plagued by bad AI, and bad platforming elements. If this was the first release of a Lego themed video game, perhaps this review could be more forgiving, but when you have the same issues that popped up in your first game still causing problems in the 5th release, it just seems a bit lazy on the developer's part.

The AI in particular is worth another mention. The game has almost no challenge to it at all. Like other games in the Lego franchise, it is strictly a button mashing affair. This franchise may have been aimed at children when it first launched but you would think the developer would have reconsidered dumbing it down so much now that the series has caught on with people of all age groups.

With that said, for fans of the series there's a lot to like. The typical humorous Lego cutscenes are still there, reenacting famous scenes from the Batman movies with Lego's trademark humor. The characters are all spot on representations of their real life counterparts in the movies. The villains are all over the top crazy and Robin is a bit on the goofy side. The city's the characters run through though could have used a little bit more work. Most of the graphics of Gotham City seem a little on the drab side.

Sound is another win for this game. Most of the effects are taken from previous games in the Lego franchise and most of the background tracks are from the 1989 Michael Keaton film version. It could be said though that it is disappointing that some music or effects from the more recent Batman movies like The Dark Knight did not make it into this game.

A twist at about the halfway point of the game will actually let you play as the villains. You'll get to see the game's story from Poison Ivy, Joker and Mr. Freeze's point of view, which is a nice change of pace. There are numerous other unlockable characters including Batgirl and Nightwing which are a nod to the comics. The nostalgia for the Batman comics and movies is indeed high in this one and for most fans just looking to have a little fun, that's good enough. But for more serious game players, the constant button mashing, platforming issues and lack of any kind of real challenge leave this game sitting a couple notches below the Wii's premium five-star games.