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With the enormous success of the LEGO movie LEGO Games creators decided to branch off and create their own LEGO based world this time taking the best part of their own LEGO series and the gameplay from another great series, Grand Theft Auto, with its open worlds and the freedom given to the player to explore them. If you have never played a LEGO game before this game is played like a platformer and it is really more of a puzzle based game but you still get lots of action. The story stars Chase McCain a detective who was previously run out of town but has to come back to find and capture Rex Fury who has just escaped from prison. As you go through the game you have to play his different personas, not just a cop, but also a bad guy and many others.

Graphically the title looks great. I have to assume this is what a nextgen game looks like. There were a few times where things would just pop up and occasionally the frame rate would glitch for a second or two but these are very much minor problems. The open world approach that Grand Theft Auto brings is perfectly married to this game; I love the sense of freedom to explore this somewhat big LEGO world that they have created. There are plenty of places that even if you search around them you have to have the right ability to enter certain areas for a thorough search and so there is plenty of replayability to come back and find something new when you have obtained the necessary permissions.

Now the gameplay controls are fine, just like the usual LEGO games. The jumping controls are very loose and so you are occasionally prone to over jumping, but since you cannot die you just respawn back where you were so it's not really that much of a game spoiler. You can use grappling guns to get to high points or use dynamite to blow up rocks and such like. One of my favorite pastimes was finding hidden tracks to follow and it was a lot of fun just following up the clues along them.

The Wii U gamepad controller can be used as a map most the time, and it gave us a few video chats from headquarters to keep the story flowing. It can also be used to scour the area much like the way as in Arkham City. One of the new additions to this LEGO series is the ability to drive a car all over the map; in fact there are cars, motorcycles, helicopters and trucks to drive and again the controls are a bit loose. You can, and often do, crash into things but it doesnÂ’t do much damage to your vehicle most the time.

As with most games there are a couple negatives. Firstly, the game is only a single player game which is very odd as most other LEGO games are multiplayer. Secondly the loading times were atrocious.

It's a fun game with lots of catchy moments for you to enjoy and it shows much creativity, and with the sense of freedom it gives its good points far outweigh its few bad points.

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In Lego City Undercover for the Wii U, gamers are allowed to play as the Lego character Chase McCain who is an undercover detective. The player can wear many different during the game and use many different abilities, in an attempt to defeat Rex Furry, who lies behind much of the criminal activity in the Lego City.

The game plays somewhat like a Lego version of the popular Grand Theft Auto series inasmuch that it allows the player to roam freely anywhere in the city, and to interact with items, vehicles, and game characters. However, the main difference with this type of free roam gameplay is that the player will be attempting to maintain law and order throughout the levels as opposed to creating chaos. The Wii U Gamepad comes in handy when locating criminals in the game's levels, for example, the Gamepad will scan and locate enemies and display them to the player so they're not caught off their guard. There are also many other examples of times when the player will need to rely on the scanner to find enemies that are difficult to locate.

When playing the game, the player can drive various vehicles, build specific objects with Lego bricks and put on such disguises as the Robber Suit which allows the player to pick padlocks. Other types of disguise the player might need to wear are the Firefighter Suit for entering burning buildings or a Construction Worker disguise for building objects. Another ability the player may use when building is the ability to create level warping pipes similar to those found in other popular Nintendo games. These level warping pipes may then be used to get to areas of the level that are inaccessible without them.

The vehicles the player will encounter are cars, trucks, helicopters, fast cars and motorbikes and many more from a total of over 100. While some vehicles may not be available at the start of gameplay, they will be available to the player eventually.

There are many other features of the game that make it an exciting Lego platform. The Wii U Gamepad will not only allow gamers to use it as scanner for locating enemies but it may also be used mapping their own positions, receiving hidden clues and also for important mission updates. All in all its pretty much a simple game but with plenty of fun elements.