LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 - 3DS Cheats

Spells & Cheat Codes

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Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 3DS spells and cheat codes.

Spells and Cheat Codes.
To unlock the spells enter the following codes in the Weasleys' joke shop on Diagon Alley.

AAAAAA Immobulus

Cheat Codes.
First pause the game and choose "Extras." Enter the following codes for the desired effect.

AUC8EH Carrot Wands
H27KGC Character Studs
HA79V8 Character Token Detector
2FLY6B Collect Ghost Studs
J9U6Z9 Extra Hearts
ZEX7MV Fall Rescue
Z9BFAD Fast Dig
84QNQN Gold Brick Detector
TTMC6D Hogwarts Crest Detector
QQWC6B Invincibility
7AD7HE Red Brick Detector
H8X69Y Score x10
74YKR7 Score x2
XK9ANE Score x6
HUFV2H Score x8