Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues PSP

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November 17, 2009


The main story is really rather boring and the controls are also very sloppy. It may be good to try this game but there are other far more interesting and exciting games on PSP and DS handheld consoles.

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In the video gaming world, it seems that LEGO games have been coming out endlessly, quipped with the fact that after a really good half-dozen major console releases and a variety of portable variants, the formula still stays the same. The latest release which is LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues has been available to major consoles but the PSP and Nintendo DS versions of the game are a bit different and offer an unfortunately worse and disappointing experience than on other platforms.

The general formula of the game is not new to us. You start a chapter of the story, then you break everything around you into pieces, then you answer some simple puzzles that oftentimes include moving objects around, then you collect a lot of LEGO pieces and go out to gather and buy new characters, cheats, and all the interesting stuff that are really cool. True to the game’s roots, the central gameplay of running around and breaking everything on the way makes you still entertained to a certain degree, but you might say to yourself that all these are not new to you.

What makes the portable version of LEGO Indy 2 different from its major console counterparts is that the story mainly revolves around the fourth film, The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. There are also flashbacks to the first three movies; though these parts are divided to one-off challenges, which constitute four from each four films that remind you of the classic scenes. They are not direct tributes, though. You may be on a scene where you collect rocks on a rocking boat, which is supposed to be a reversal to the opening of the movie, The Last Crusade per se. Rewards like golden hats are awarded to in these challenges, which is the game’s version of the usual golden treasure chests that are vital in unlocking more content.

The disappointing thing with LEGO Indy 2 on PSP and DS is simply the fact that it is boring and the controls seem to be very lopsided. The level design seems to be incredibly boxy, which makes milieu unexciting to travel through. Most of the areas are small, which means that there is only very few exploring to do. Though there are certain scenes where you may want to go back to and try again when you get specific characters that have certain functions, such as digging, climbing or cutting ropes, for example; it seems too much of a linear experience and you get the feeling that the everything is inching for you to even go to the next level.

The controls prove to be worse. The jumping isn’t that responsive as it should be and there seems to be a slight pause from when you press the button to the actual jump that the character does. This means that some platform sections are quite annoying. Another example is when you grab a rope and you use it to swing yourself. The action requires you to be really spot-on. All these really contribute to uneven controls of the game.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues is equipped with interesting and fun factors but none of the entire experience is really that exciting. The main story is really rather boring and the controls are also very sloppy. It may be good to try this game but there are other far more interesting and exciting games on PSP and DS handheld consoles.

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Release Date:

November 17, 2009

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