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June 12, 2009

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Let's TAP is controlled by placing the Wii Remote on a flat surface that will reverberate slightly, such as an upside-down box top or serving tray, and then simply tapping fingers on the surface to cause the remote to vibrate. The game detects light, medium, and hard taps, so once players have enough practice to get a feel for the force sensitivity, they can input different commands with taps of different strengths. This basic control scheme is used in five modes of play. The game's "Tap Runner" mode is a side-scrolling game in which running stick-figure characters are controlled with the player's rhythmic finger-taps.

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Let's Tap provides a good tutorial in helping you familiarize the unique method of controlling. It has taken much advantage in the incredibly sensitive Wii controls that can detect the slightest vibrations so getting a response isn't quite hard. To think that the Wii remote was never intended to be used in such a way, it's astonishing to find that it effectively works. Generally, you interact with the game menus by tapping once or twice.

The game provides five different game modes: Tap Runner, Rhythm Tap, Silent Block, Bubble Voyager and Visualizer mode. Tap Runner is a racing type of game where you encounter a series of obstacles. Essentially, you'll just be tapping your way to the finish line. You move forward with a light tap and you jump and avoid obstacles by tapping with more force. In this mode, you can play in 16 different courses with increasing difficulty as you finish one after another. It also has a multiplayer mode where you can play with 3 other friends or AI opponents. Completing each race is very much achievable without exerting much effort but it does take some time to obtain gold medal rewards.

In Rhythm Tap, you basically try to tap in time to the beat running across the screen as music is played. You are able to unlock 16 tunes ranging from instrumental, to Jpop and dance music. It's quite simple and easy, but itÂ’s not much satisfying for long term gaming. There isn't much of a hooking factor here since the tunes are easily forgettable and the game just lacks depth.

The third game mode is Silent Block which is a puzzle type of game where there is a tower of composed of circular discs and you remove one of them without causing the tower to fall over. Extreme sensitivity needs to be applied here as making strong or fast taps would destabilize the tower. The beginning stages only contain few combinations of colored discs but as you get through to each level, more colors are added to increase difficulty. This mode also has a multiplayer mode which is way more fun compared to playing alone. Hearing your opponents tap their way to stabilize their own towers gives you a frantic sense of competitiveness.

The fourth, Bubble Voyager is mostly a shooter based game that's in a 2D environment. Your character would mostly move around fighting through angry squids, lasers and other obstacles. As usual, you tap your way to move for upward and forwards and fire missiles. This is much more of a survival type of game where you try to outlast enemies and get a high score. The environment isn't visually stimulating and there isn't much depth to it. Eventually, it gets dull the longer you play. There is also a multiplayer mode to this one and you get to battle against other players in a 2D arena and try to eliminate one another by firing missiles.

The last would be Visualizer which isn't really much of a game as there is no scoring; itÂ’s more like a free style drawing mode where different patterns come up on screen depending on your tapping. ItÂ’s quite fun and visually entertaining, a good one to play if you like to kill some time.

Overall, Let's Tap really lets you tap into a unique way of playing with your Wii. Whether you're alone or playing with friends, you'll be sure to get pure fun and entertainment from this. This is truly a breath of fresh air to the conventional wave-lift-throw motion based games out in the market.

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June 12, 2009

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