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Little Big Planet PS3 can be described as a platforming game but you will find that its dedication to creativity is quite deep. Everything, from the environment to your character are geared towards adaptation and creation which is done with the help of costumes and stickers. Each level of the story mode is made with the wild imaginations of the designers. Unfortunately; the great story mode will be over so soon, though the game is long, you will find the hidden extras and the game will probably be over in about six hours straight.

This game has excellent narration and musical score and is the best description for the visuals and sound. The huge customization and the creativity potential will attract you to the game. The game has a high replay ability factor as well. However the game has its limits: You will find that the camera struggles in the multiplayer; the short story mode too is a demerit on the game. You will find that a lot of time is spent on building a compelling level.

There is the level creator which has strong tool set that theoretically allows you to recreate anything you see in the other levels. This however requires a lot of skill to develop and even when it is developed many gamers will not know how to use it, if you are patient you will be able to use it eventually. This is a feature that many gamers will not be able to take advantage of or even use. The developer may have had good intentions but this simply doesnÂ’t get down well with many gamers.

In Little Big Planet there is all the imagination and this is where all the untapped fantasies are found. The game has eight themed worlds, which vary in style from place to place like the Mexican desert to the African Savannah and the Ninja. Each of these worlds has three or four individual levels, of which each can be completed in less than 10 minutes. If you can find the hidden key in each level you will get some bonus on it. These bonus levels offer a lot of fun and great experiences, with respect to Skipping contest, Line Rider and drag racing competitions.

You will meet Sackboy who is a cute doll and you are supposed to use your creativity as you clothe him. You should keep trying new looks, you can add up costumes on him, like glasses and hats. The game has only two action buttons the X button for jumping and the R1 to grab the swings and to move objects. You will only move to the next level after completing the previous one. You may however wish to go back to the finished level to pick the hidden items, keys and point bubbles. You can also collect plunder drops by putting labels in certain places, and there are puzzles that you can only solve by playing in the two- to four-player mode. These include gates that are only opened slightly and objects that require multiple characters to pull them.

In Multiplayer Little Big Planet has a lot of fun but unfortunately in this mode it is faulty: the camera is struggles to frame the action and putting many precision to action, some of the actions are completely invisible. Going online with a Multiplayer is perfect and you can be able to see online friends and so fourth.

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PlayStation 3


LittleBigPlanet is an innovative platformer/puzzle game made exclusively for the PlayStation 3. In LittleBigPlanet the user has a typical story/campaign mode that is basically instrumental in every type of game especially platformers. It also boasts a massive online community and allows users to play the campaign in coop mode, to appease friends or help with challenges.

The campaign is pretty straightforward. You, either alone or with a friend or group of friends, play through courses with heavy platformer dynamics made popular by games like Mario. A lot of jumping, collecting bubbles and bonus items, all can appease even the biggest Mario fan into buying into the spectacular and beautiful world of LittleBigPlanet. The campaign is nothing overwhelming, fairly easy and fun to navigate through providing somewhere around 20 hours of game play to complete it all. The best thing about the campaign is how incredibly gorgeous the 2D/3D hybrid graphics are. The graphics are some of the most incredible you will see in any title. Seriously, a game with such a simple design really nailed physics and textures to create one beautiful shell with some of the best effects you will see in any game on the market!

The campaign however is not what brought the game such high accolades and attention, as the level designer mode is what intrigued most gamers. The game garnered so much attention and awards for its innovation because they basically gave you a mode with complete development tools to build and construct virtually anything. The scale of some of the worlds is gigantic, bigger even than levels in the campaign, and can be used online or just on your PS3 for you and your friends to enjoy. The creator mode is also surprisingly fun and lighthearted like the rest of the game. Instead of making it bland and uninspiring, developer media molecule gave us almost a game mode in itself by giving you creative control while still using your character to build and test your ideas!

Delving further in the online world of LittleBigPlanet (and boy is it a big one), there are plenty of things to keep you coming back for more. Not only can you connect with players online to help you complete task on the campaign with a flawless integration system and even updated ranking boards, but you can also explore and rate other user built worlds, share your own, and simply have fun! This game really does fun well, I don't know if I can say it enough.

With an enjoyable campaign, gorgeous graphics, flawless controls, iconic characters, unlimited customization, and a large online community it is hard not to get swept of your feet with LittleBigPlanet. It really is quite remarkable what Media Molecule accomplished with such a cute and seemingly small game. The best part of the game is that it can truly be enjoyed and understood by gamers of any age, and will leave you with a smile on your face!